Armageddon at the Iron mountain, sunrise in my heart

OMG, this is Armageddon!


Rain and cold (snow) at Erzberg rodeo and I am not there…4 hours torture for 500 starters, including 3 women.
Right at the start area most of the drivers get drowned by a approx. 75 cm deep lake, only view “survive”, lot of favorites exit there from the race

Really soon Graham Jarvis takes the lead and increases his speed until the finish of the race.
Only 13 drivers mange to enter the final area within 4 hours, .., still with this weather conditions (approx 0° and steady rain) an enormous success for all participants!

And, then I get it!
I solemnly swear: Next year I want to join this bunch of crazy drivers!

So, I think, now its official, I am crazy too…..  😉

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