Ganz sicher

I wanted to utilize the good weather today and therefore I picked up junoir from school and we went down to Wr. Neustadt to drive our bikes through the track.

Still, I am not used to the power of the EXC, only for seconds I wasn’t concentrated and I started vertically up the ramp already, thank god, i manged to pull the clutch just in time, and so we only went a little bit more through air, than used too  😉 , hey, that was close…. Afterwards I am always very concentrated 😉

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BUT; she is still running, quite a miracle to me.
Only starting the engine had been harder today, but maybe this is due to the lower temperatures now (approx. 10° centigrade lower than last time).
It seems, that I will have to enrich the carburetor settings, np  carburetor assembling is one of my new competences, I would think … 😉

Still, i noticed a strange ringing in some bike positions while driving , maybe the chain is to loose?

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