What do i do here?

I am standing in front of this massive ramp and they want me to go up there….
this couldn’t be real, could it?


Naturally I hit to much gas , thats why I did “jump”, but it happend by accident, I swear….

But, this will stuck with me, to much gas always kind of happens   ๐Ÿ˜‰  …..

We, thats four girls from half of Austria, we have met here in Ampfelwang (upper austria) at TerraX- Dream for the Ladies Day.

Why am I here? Junior owns his KX 85 for a few months and it looks kind of simple and fun to drive through rough terrain.

But, only if you can…..

I sweat a lot – certainly only due to the heat of 37ยฐ centigrade – and not due to the harness we had been put by the trainers.

For training purposes, we try, at slow speed, to make a slalom run between  obstacles, through bends, circles, zig-zag paterns, etc.
Everything very basic and still we are fighting for balance, high of the seat, power of the engine (I do ride an KTM EXC 250-f) and everything else.

But, we are tough, we are talented – uhmmm, does he tell this to everyone? – and so, we proceed to much more demanding obstacles.

And, that is why I now stand in front of this ramp, perhaps 2 to 2,5 meters high, looks steep from below …, but, there is nothing to loose -besides honor – and, actually, wasn’t this my idea?
So, eyes wide open, hit the gas, fix the target line and up, up, up.
Yahoo, kind of flying (if only for a very short period) .. there are the bushes, so hiting the brakes and turn around…..
Hey, thats gay  ๐Ÿ˜‰   we will have to work on that…..

Ok, I think i will go for my own bike…….

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