02:45 o’clock

Imagine you’re sound asleep.
Suddenly your dog, who has been resting peacefully in front of the bed, starts to bark like crazy.
Sometimes it happens that he hears something outside the house. This means that after a few woofs, the dog is calm again and hopefully the alley is still sleeping. But this time? He just does not stop! WTF?
Well, first I have to get awake enough so that I don’t have an accident right next to the bed and then I move through the dark apartment towards the front garden.

Already on the way to the front door I see someone with a flashlight shining in through the kitchen window. Mind you, from the garden fence, over the front garden, into the kitchen window.
After all, I now do know why the dog barks so persistently, and I can now hear the regular ringing that has completely disappeared in the barking.
One question clarified, a new one raised:
“Who the hell is ringing storms in the middle of the night and shining flashlights in people’s windows?”

A quick glance out of the window takes my breath away for a moment. I see two aliens outside my garden door!
After a short rubbing of my eyes. Maybe I’m not awake after all? I recognize the full body protective suits in white + face masks, which are known from all news by now.
I turn on the light in the room, take my dog into the living room and close the door. After all, these self-sacrificing helpers are still needed 😉

Then I march in my pyjamas and without shoes ( oi, it is colder than I thought!) into the front garden. I stop at a proper distance and ask for the desire?
I am told by the two young gentlemen that they have come to test Mr. Johann E. and if necessary take him along with them.
Only now I see the ambulance, which is parked in the driveway next door.
Now comes the most difficult thing of all: I – in pyjamas and barefoot – am obviously so implausible that all my assertions that the address given is correct, but that there is no Mr. E. living in my house or in the houses next door, are only very hesitantly believed. It is pointed out several times that the given address is unique.
I refer to similarly named addresses already known to me. Then I turn around and stagger back to my apartment. There I am glad about the warm underfloor heating which flatter my feet, already converted to ice lumps, with pleasant warmth.
Falling asleep is harder than usual after this episode, but at some point I sink back into dreams of aliens, viruses and false addresses.

PS: Actually I didn’t want to make a statement about the current corona situation, but thanks to this bizarre experience, I have at least a reference to it in my blog.
Vienna, 28.03.2020, 2:45am

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