365 days

Слава Україні,
365 days, 365 days are over. 
Gone is peace in Europe, gone is relative peace in Ukraine.
I grew up in the Cold War era, experienced the iron curtain along our borders, the threat of nuclear escalation one day.
How good it felt when that threat was seemingly over in 1989. Life was happy, life was easy, life felt good.

Now, 365 days later:
Friends are at war against the aggressor Russia. 
For the freedom and security of Ukraine, as soldiers or as humanitarian workers.
News from Ukraine is a double-edged sword:
Good news when Russian troops have been repulsed somewhere lifts spirits, but at the same time I am painfully aware that these successes came at a high price: Loss of Ukrainian lives and destruction of cities and countryside. 
I feel the pain, I suffer with you and I do everything in my power to help.
I wish Ukraine and all my friends in Ukraine victory in their fight for democracy, freedom and love, because they are fighting not only for themselves, but also for us. Until one day we may see each other again in peace. Бережіть себе!
Героям слава

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