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WRWR Details

here is the latest information for participation in the Czech and Austrian sections of the WRWR

Please consider that in case of bad weather conditions the goal is to reach our target destination in time and we will then avoid pass roads if necessary. All routes have been chosen so that this is also possible.


On April 15:

The 2nd part of the Czech WRWR route is already suitable for the journey from East Austria to Upper Austria.



On 16. April, 1st section:

Meeting with the Czech girls at about 9:30 directly behind the border crossing in Weigetschlag, short photo session and continuation to Mattighofen/Munderfing.

As an event (not yet fixed); the participation in a factory tour or testing of the e-Freeride at the eCross site is planned. (Offroad robe is available for rent on site)



2. section: For Guardians of the 2nd section the journey continues soon to Bischofshofen, over the lake area (Mondsee, Attersee, Hallstätter See) up to Hallstatt and via Gosau to Bischofshofen. In the evening a cosy round in a nice restaurant.








17. April, 1st section:

Via the Dienten saddle, direction Zell am See and Mittersill to Krimml.
From there it goes on over the Gerlos and the Zillertal to Hall in Tirol (last stage on the motorway).


April 17, 2nd section:

Continue on the motorway to behind Landeck and then via Arlberg Straße over the pass to Vorarlberg.
Continue on the S16 to Bludenz, where we might just be able to cheat our way into Milka Lädle in the early evening. 😉
In the evening another happy round in a restaurant.


18 April,

The Finale! A short stretch on the main road to Feldkirch and then to the border crossing to Liechtenstein.


Ho, Ho, Ho for Charity

As every year, bikers from Vienna, and the surrounding area, come together to present the children in the St. Anna Children’s Hospital a little joy for Christmas. Of course Versya is also involved in something like this. You can find the report from 2017 here  
That’s why Voodoo was transformed out of its matt black world and festively decorated for this occasion.







So Versya and Voodoo were ready for the special occasion. Since the southern meeting point is close to my workplace, I turned into a marshmellow Christmas woman within 5 minutes, as the temperature was especially fresh with humid and cool 3°. Only good that the dress was purchased in XXL, but so I can at least offer the worthy Santa Clauses in the body size paroli 😉

From the meeting points, it was a merry rally from the north and south of Vienna to the meeting point at Schwarzenbergplatz.
Due to the weather situation there were a little less participants than in 2017, but still the crowd of the assembled Christmas women and men was big enough to take care of enthusiastic drivers and pedestrians, who welcomed our spectacle very often positively with smiles and waves. Voodoo had its own surprise for the children along the way. A specially converted tank bag fugated as a candy store, which was diligently distributed to the children. After all, the motorcycle offspring must also be encouraged 🙂












Of course the most important target of our trip was the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Hospital. Arrived there, the presents were unloaded, which were bought with the donations of the FB group (Christmas biker Hallowheeler…). Then there was the obligatory Christmas singing and the punch brewed by the kitchen of the St. Anna Children’s Hospital.
After the carols in the inner courtyard of the hospital, we returned to the starting point at Schwarzenbergplatz with our bike convoy.

The children we were allowed to meet were in various health conditions, but everyone was happy about the spectacle, which brought a little variety into their everyday life. and so it should be. 🙂


At the end, but not last, a lovingly cutted video of Koshro Kashanipour, which he made available to me for this post. Thank you Khosro!

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

Parlez vous francais?

Oh, là là!  What was that?
Somehow I still tumble from one curve to the next. Doesn’t that stop at all?
With that I could finish the story about the participation in the French Wimas National Rally.  Everything is said. Everything?

No, just like a Gallic resistance dwelling (but that’s another story) the Wima Frankeich rose from its remains and set a strong signal for a new beginning.
Their invitation went to all countries and of course who was there?  Me! 😉

Can I speak French? non

Have I been there before? non

Do I have maps of southern or western France? non

French Franc? non,

but thanks to Euro I don’t need it anymore 😛 , finally a Qui!  We are going!

Col de I Iseran

So the decision process came about, a “little” curiosity was of course also there.

The first part of the journey was for time reasons with the transporter in which our motorcycles were stowed, but starting from the Swiss border we were on our two wheels on the way and stagger since then on endless mountain routes over one mountain pass after the other. We decided to take 4 days to complete the journey to Embrun. That’s why we can now take full advantage of the route.
Klausenpass, Furka, Gr. St. Bernhard, Kl. St. Bernhard, Col de Iseran, Breakdown 😉 , Col de Telegraphe, Col de Galibier, Col de Izoard, Col de Vars, Val de Ubaye, L’Adroit de Pontis, Embrun,

We arrive there in the late afternoon and are already received by the other participants.
The rooms are quickly distributed and we explore the hostel and the surrounding area.
The dinner is classic French and tastes delicious. The atmosphere is very good and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s program.  The day was long and so we soon crawl into our bed.
The next day a good breakfast and the spirits are back.  The route is similar to the day before, but in the opposite direction.  Therefore I decide to choose the “direct” route (la voie directe) and shorten it over the Col du Parpaillon.  The Col has a difficulty level of 3-4 and I have road tyres and a Kawasaki Versys at my disposal?  But one point I can count as a plus, my Hardenduro practice.  It will probably take some time, because there will be no fast riding on the 35km gravel road, I leave the suitcases on the bike, so that it doesn’t rest completely on the ground in case of a fall, I don’t want to lift 220kg from the ground, I take enough clothes, food and drink with me and I deactivate the ABS on the Versys (pull the fuse 😉 )

The first section, the approach to the gravel passage, is wonderful, the villages are getting smaller and smaller and the mountains in front of us are getting higher and higher. And suddenly there is the gravel road. While driving the first 200m I feel sorry for the Versys and wonder if the idea was really good?  It’s not a gravel road, it’s already a marked wild track. I could still turn around quickly and take up the ride around the mountain range? I would also be so sure to reach the meeting point in time…..
But then the ambition and the curiosity about what’s to come wins, it’s clearly only the beginning, there’s sure to be something more to come. I just want to know now, basta. And of course there is still something to come. Of course the “way” doesn’t get any better, on the contrary, but with time the Versys get used to the unfamiliar terrain and I get calmer and more relaxed again.

And so we crawl comfortably (average 10-20km) and evenly up the mountain. The prologue experience clearly helps here, the foresightedly driven line saves many surprises and there are many of them along the way.  It takes about 45 minutes which I drive up the mountain standing on the footpegs, before the tunnel hole below the ridge appears.  Besides me there are two Swiss with two CRF 250L and worthy stubble tires on site.  Their looks show a little wonder as the Versys steamboat appears.  When I take the helmet off to – maybe 😉 – put a Wima sticker on the mountain pass sign, they are finally amazed.
I smile silently inside my helmet and start with the passage through the tunnel. The reports on the internet about the passage are all very poor.
This is a nature tunnel with alternating dry sections and then again water passages, to the finale also still with loam mud at the “ground”. Now it’s simply a matter of riding evenly and with momentum. Getting stuck or slipping away wouldn’t be any fun here.  The sun shines from the other side into the tunnel and is a pleasant contrast to the blackness of the 500m long tunnel.
And so after a few minutes I stand on the other side of the tunnel and have a breathtaking mountain panorama in front of me.

The sun is very intense here at 2600m and it is unusually warm. Actually a good base to take a short break before the announced, even worser downhill route and taste a little of the packed lunch I brought with me?
Very bad idea Versya, very bad. When I open the suitcase my “food” runs towards me. Briefly summarized: It looks as if it had thrown up.  I quickly close the suitcase again and try to forget what I have just seen and smelled. So I have to be content with the water from my camelback. Note to me: Store food vibration-protected safely!
In the meantime also some Swiss riders with Honda Dominators have arrived and I ask them to take a picture of me. Finally I would like to have a proof that I really was here.

After a short rest I start the downhill run and I am glad that I have switched off the ABS. Here I would just rattle over the next crest, but so the rear tires always find enough grip to keep the track with engine brake and fine rear brake.    Until, yes, until I, being careless, look around for a moment and not concentrated, choose the wrong lane which leads me too close to the edge of the curve.
There lies very loose rubble and for all evil I reach briefly into the front brake, in order not to drive over the hilltop.
It happens very fast, the front wheel slips away and the Versys tilts inwards. At 220kg there is only one thing left to get away from the bike ;-).  I roll a bit over stones and dust to get up and have a look at the situation.
The Versys lies with the wheels uphill in the curve inclination, thanks to the suitcase – as planned – at least not completely unfavorable. With my Hardenduro I would turn it first on the ground, so that the setting up is easier, but I do not want to pull the Versys over this stone floor, if it is not absolutely necessary. Now, take a deep breath, look for a good hold on the ground and on the Versys, and get the machine back on its feet. With my first jerk I manage to bring it up to my thigh and support it in this way. Unfortunately, the shoes slowly slip away on this ground. I feverishly look for a new support with my second leg, find it and with a second jerk I bring the machine so high that the weight is taken up by the wheels, so that I can finally bring it into a vertical position. Phhhhhhuhuuuuuuu, the blood rushes in the ears, the lungs gasp, but the Versys is standing. Once again it proved to be a good idea to use the adrenalin rush for action immediately after a fall. 😉 I was looking for a place to drive out the stand and take a deep breath.  Damage assessment: The left suitcase looks badly scratched and a few stickers are offended, the handguard also, otherwise nothing happened to the Versys. Perfect! How does it look with me, briefly one check: Garment? Ok. Helmet? Ok. Camera?  Running! Ah, I got it on video! Yesss! 🙂 On the left palm of my hand a first bruise, I must have had fallen onto a stone.
So I climb up again and simply drive on. now of course more careful again! Too bad, because the area is still worth seeing.  Further down I meet Enduro riders again.  But too late, gentlemen, too late. Actually well so, nobody has seen my mishap.
nobody will ever know, hrhrhr.

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

With a nasty grin on my face I drive downhill again more quickly, the road slowly gets better and then suddenly changes into a quite well constructed gravel road. Actually this side is a lot nastier, because coming from here the wide gravel road pretends that there is nothing (worse)  coming. 😉  Now I’m racing downhill again and after another 10 km I reach asphalted paths again. It was nice and due to the short break at the mountain there is still so much time left. So I study the maps and find a pass that we didn’t make yesterday due to lack of time. The Col de Bonette. It is the highest alpine pass of France with approx. 2800m and has another special feature. Its summit is completely surrounded by the pass road (the last part was blown out some time ago and thus the one-way around the summit was created.
I rush up the mountain and then immediately down again, because it is now time to drive to the meeting at the Col de Larche, but as I know the route from the day before, I am ther almost punctually.
The picnic (which I get shared sisterly by others) at the pass is wonderful, the weather is simply unimaginable! again a Wima miracle, it’s the end of September and we sit here on over 2300m and it is pleasantly warm.

I disposed the contents of my suitcase at the parking lot and washed out the suitcase with a bottle of mineral water, I’m just afraid I can’t get rid of the smell anymore….

Wima France Meets

Of course there is still another group photo with our almost 50 head group and then we start again in small groups back over the Col de Vars and Guillestre home. There is again a wonderful evening event.

But today we keep it rather short, too, as tomorrow we return north towards Albertville, and the next days (now with cool weather) further to Chamonix, Martigny, Gstaat.
On the way there are again many passes and cool routes like: Saint de Appollinaire, Col de Parquetout, Col du Glandon, Col de Fer, Col de la Madeleine Col de la Croix, Sustenpass, Pragelpass, and some in between, which I have already forgotten again….

Once more we meet a Wima France group and spend the lunch break together, then the way separates finally.  In Glarus the search for a Schoggi shop begins, because finally we have to bring a compensation for the last 10 days for those who stayed at home and of course we do find it 😉

DGR Distinguished Gentlemen Ride 2018

Hello, will many readers be thinking now? Gentlemen?  Versya is everything, but not a gentleman? Yes, unfortunately I must agree with you, but can I really resist the temptation of a ride through Vienna, surrounded by flashing vintage motorcycles (new and oldtimers)? Who does know me, knows the answer: No! And why shouldn’t I also think of my father, or brother, or my sons, true to the slogan of the DGR?  Exactly!  🙂 So, the alibi stands. What do I wear? OMG, what wears a distinguished gentleman? I study old photos of the DGR and make a decision. No jacket, no Bowler, but I  do thunder up. Leave my trousers at home this time and get on my motorbike in  a skirt or dress. A bit sniffed in the fifties movies, then Amazon boarded and voila, the wardrobe is already standing. Hopefully the fumble arrives in time! :-0 In the meantime 2 weeks have passed, I have donated diligently, because in return for many participants my participant account does not have a round 0.  #Proudofmyself I am therefore entitled to ride with a clear conscience, and not only for fun in the DGR, and I also get a day in advance (a little bit scarce, dear organizers!) the dates for place and time of the first meeting point. The motorcycle is washed – hmm the washing utensils are really so far down?  And extensively polished, because the weather forecast promises cool/warm weather and sun. Apparently once again the weather god of my Moto passion is friendly! 🙂 Then it’s my own outfit’s turn. That goes at least a little faster, because the clock is ticking, and too late would be a first (not gentlemen like) faux pas. Arrived in time on the spot, I’ll be moved to the first row together with the other girls. This year the ladies drive up front, yeaaahh (ops – Hurray) . There is still a short speech and then the impressively large (the organizers speak of approx. 800 participants) convoy with police escort pulls first the Wiental city outward and after the Gürtel turns back again across the city up to the Danube island. Many astonished faces at the roadside. A good mood in the convoy. Heart (or better: prostate) what do you want more ? 😉 Maybe, a video?  😉      

Süddeutsches Frauen Motorrad Treffen

The 25th, and probably not last, South German Women’s Motorcycle Meeting took place from 22 to 24 June in Schwangau. Organized by the WOW (Women on Wheels) and the Hexenring, including a pinch of Wima Germany, of course we were also there! We organized the arrival and return journey in two separate groups, because 1) smaller groups make sense 2) the arrival and departure of approx. 700 km in one day is not for everyone The first group left already on June 21, the second group followed bravely on June 22. The weather was horrible and very humid on June 21, and various small infirmities delayed the trip even more. Denoch managed the first day’s stage to Radstadt quite well. The next day the weather was much more friendly, only the temperature was, for the end of June, with approx. 15-17° still not so intoxicating.
  The ride itself went better for both groups on the 2nd day, but traffic jams and various traffic diversions made the finale more grueling, but we were all in our quarters on Friday evening and were able to leave in time for the program (so well booked out that we had to rent external rooms for ourselves!) The drive naturally led us past the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. A visit of the same one is on tomorrow’s program, we are curious. The evening was in a humorous atmosphere for many of us there were familiar faces from previous meetings with the WoW’s, the Witch Ring, or Wima Rallies, to see and so there were soon lively conversations to God and the world. Since we had come with the motorcycles, we drove relatively early back into the quarter, in order to be rested for tomorrow’s excursion (on foot, and/or by bus) to Neuschwanstein. (After all, some of us have been on the motorcycle for more than 9 hours today) But that didn’t stop us from chatting with Claudia in the neighbourhood over a bottle of red wine, who unfortunately didn’t get a ticket for tomorrow and therefore plans to continue her journey to sunny South Tyrol tomorrow. The second day on site:  
We met for breakfast, which was extensively awarded, and then hike in groups from the meeting point to the castle (approx. 7 km away). The last stretch then goes steeply uphill. So it was good that the temperature – despite the sun – was still low. Since there was still a little time (the tours start every 10 minutes – on time! Although Bavaria is, but here they are probably Prussia) was also the detour to the Marienbrücke possible, which offers a wonderful view of the castle and the plain behind it with reservoir (empty). A true postcard perspective!   Vor dem Ausgeben der Eintrittskarten gab es noch ein Gruppenfoto und dann ging die Führung schon los.  
  Before the tickets were handed out, there was a group photo and then the guided tour started. Actually brilliant what poor Ludwig has done here, Bavaria will thank him for centuries (1.4 million visitors per year can not be wrong) But, I guess he was a little megalomaniacal. Despite the built-in amenities of the 19th century, exuding such an oppressive medieval atmosphere on the two extended floors is already an art! The beautiful cover, therefore, promises more than the content can then fulfil.    
  The tour ends unexpectedly quickly and the return journey to the Adlerhorst begins. Meanwhile it has become a bit hotter, the first paragliders land on the slope, and we stroll back again in small groups. Arrived on site Ludwig himself is already waiting for us for an apperitive, and so we spend the afternoon on the terrace with a beautiful view of the plain and in the following a wonderful sunset with a very special light. Simply wonderful!  
  In the evening there was another party evening with many memories of the last 25 years, which in the second half degenerated into a Germany victory celebration (In the retrospective: Too early )     Since we want to go back tomorrow, we were also said goodbye relatively early this morning.
The third day: Relatively early getting up and packing, so that we can be punctually at 8:00 with the breakfast and immediately afterwards it goes for an Austria group to the south and for the second group somewhat later to the north east in direction Passau, where they want our Passauerinnen meetings. Group 1 drives over the Fernpass into the Inn valley, from there via Lofer to Berchtesgaden, up to the rainy and foggy Rossfeld road.  
(Surprisingly with a little view!) and back down to Golling, where the lunch break is held. Very dark clouds above the Postalm let us take the path over the Gschütt pass and then further south via Halstatt, Bad Aussee and Goisern. The rest of the route is obvious: Liezen, Admont, Gesäuse and Wildalpen. Here it goes on and on at a brisk pace. The clock is ticking,   From Mariazell we go to Traisen where we part ways. On one side to St. Pölten and on the other side via the Schöpfl, Klausen Leopoldsdorf and Gruberau back to Vienna. The end of the track is already in the dark, but no less enjoyable.  

Wima Rally Day 12, 20.07.2017

Today is the event day with motorcycle.

There are 3 groups in total:

One race track training, or off-road training, or BMW rental motorcycles for test riding (T9, 1200 GS, eRoller) As a last alternative, there is also a moor hike in the immediate vicinity for the motorcycle tired participants.

I already had a moor hike on day 1 of our arrival in Janäda, besides I’m here to ride my motorbike. 😉

BMW motorcycle test drive?  No, thank you!  Not on principle.

Then off-road training?  Would be tempting, especially here in Estonia. I’m just afraid that the coaches’ expectations are very low and I’ll probably fall asleep.

So all I have left is the track. Actually also not bad, even if the Versys is not so the race track device now.  But the idea of getting training from an Estonian state champion is very tempting.

To make matters worse there is a little rain again and the day looks already very grey

To my delight, the track turns out to be a GoKart/Supermoto track and this is exactly the area that an Versys needs to let off steam. Curves!

The instructor explains to us the gentle (roadworthy) variant of the hanging off and the correct approach to curves.  There are also a few hats in the curve which are intended as a guideline.

As the track dries up slowly, there is a lot of fun in the corners. The Pilot Road 4 are stable in spite of the curve hunt, which is probably an advantage of the low temperatures in Estonia, otherwise I am used to them slipping in excessive race mode. :-/

However, I don’t want to overdo it completely, after all I am on the road in the textile suit tours, and I would also like to go home from Estonia by motorbike. But at least there is the possibility to round the wheel edges a little 😛

The other girls are a little more moderate and therefore easy to overtake. Only the Triumph riders also let off steam and stubbornly fight back



The Tiger 1050 finally has to give way due to a slide on a small oil stain, but Susi with her Street Triple does not let up. So, after a few laps of racing match, only the (random) correct track choice decides the head-to-head race when overtaking a group.

Somehow she must have got wormed, because she overtakes me during the laps just before the exit.  Okay, I forgive her.

The Versys has once again shown what it can do with simple road tyres. I really had a good time and improved the technique again.

We then drive back to Janäda in the group and still have the opportunity to watch the off-road group training. I must say, the participation in the track training was definitely a good decision 😉

There are still a few BMW motorcycles (from 1200GS to 9T) available for test rides. But, as already mentioned, I’m simply not interested in BMW. It is not necessarily the relatively poor quality of the overpriced machines, it is more the image that is transported through the brand that frightens me. Just my personal opinion, mind you. 1000th buyers can’t be wrong, can they? 😉

Instead, I take the flagpole and our flag, assembled yesterday, for a ride in the surrounding area to test the stability of the construction and its effect on me.

Up to approx. 70km/h it is ok from the train of the flag in the airstream, afterwards really uncomfortable. I definitely need to think of an improvement for tomorrow’s parade.


Su is at the presidents dinner (she represents our Wima-Austria president Jane) and we make ourselves comfortable in the stallion stable again.

The last days I noticed that there is also a 1st floor, but so far I have not been able to visit it. Today I have time to look up the stairs.

And, surprise! Here hides a craft shop, which offers all kinds of clothes and souvenirs made of wool, felt, wood, etc…..  I’m almost in a shopping frenzy. The goods are high quality and relatively cheap, and so winter socks, 2 caps, a vest and Schaaf are purchased.

If you now wonder how you dress with  Schaaf,  then you are unfortunately mistaken. Schaaf is actually only a sheep of felt. Since it is small and handy, it will accompany me on solo trips in the future.  Where does the name come from? In reference to an Austrian motorcycle “artist” I will call it, slightly alienated, Schaaf. 😉


The good mood is dampened a little after Su’s return. There must have been some controversity in the presidential round. They say there’ll be another discussion tomorrow after the parade.

So this day ends with food, music and some open questions.

Headache Tour

There’s only two of us this time.

Carmen and I, so it’s probably a good match.
We don’t have much time either, after all it is already 11am, when we start from Vienna and we want to ride to Grein for an ice cream, and we want to be home again before dark.
Grein is only 140 km away from Vienna, so where is the problem, you might ask?The “problem” is actually only the number of bends we want to master.
For this we have chosen a relatively spurned area. This guarantees: few cars, few motorcyclists (until the final) and therefore unlikely: police officers on the lookout.

In short, our plan works, we make almost undisturbed progress on winding roads, and the last straight stretch of road, the Mautener Donaubrücke, has been behind us for a while.
The sky is cloudy, the temperature is more fresh than pleasant, a little more layers of cloth wouldn’t be bad now, and we’re heading for the ice cream cup!?

Thank God this will change as soon as we move from Lower Austria to Upper Austria. Suddenly it becomes brighter and much warmer. Ice cream here we come!

But, first we do stop a the bear rescue center in Arbestal.

The last part of St. Georgen am Walde is a bit notorious with bikers, so this stretch is limited to 70km/h for motorcyclists. Even if we wouldn’t drive the great corners much faster anyway, this is another senseless action, just because a few madmen with noisy pipes and knees on the ground probably drove too much up and down here.
No matter, as said, we are not much faster anyway and therefore we head south to the Danube and Grein for the last 35 km.
In Grein itself the popular pastry shop is already completely overcrowded, several dozen motorcycles are parked in front of the house, but we get a place with a view of the Danube.
The ice cream is ingeniously good, some things have changed for the better in the last few years, and so we sit for quite a long time. That’s also because we’re really dizzy and we almost have a headache. So many curves in such a short time, no wonder!
At some point, however, it is time to leave and so we went back through the Nibelungengau, into the Yspertal, then Weitental, Melk, Dunkelsteiner Wald, Heiligenkreuz and into the finale leg to Vienna.



Sucess! But, where do I get headache pills now?

Treasure Hunt, Wima Rally 2017

Today there is another exciting point on the program: Treasure Hunt.

I got up at 7 a.m. in the morning and went for breakfast – actually, a miracle that it never rained on the way to or from the event and dinning room (the former stallion stable), but always was warm and sunny.

On our return to the accommodation we noticed that in the meantime the questions and other documents for the Treasure Hunt have been issued.

Therefore, the task was quickly flown over. The daily equipment (rain protection!, drinking backpack and maps) packed and off on the road with us.  Today we are only two people on the road. Su wants to take a break. Well, she’ll miss out, but we don’t know that yet. 😉

First the same route as yesterday with the bus in the direction of Tallinn, then, near Soodla, turned north and advanced to the Baltic Sea coast. The three characteristic peninsulas in Lahemaa National Park are part of our first puzzles. There are several questions to solve, which can only be solved by visiting the Viinistu Kunstimuuseum and Käsmu Meremuuseum.

The composition of the 100 concrete cases (which symbolize the emigration of many Estonians) in the run-up to the art museum turns out to be a very big pitfall, which of course are not 100 pieces, but have to be counted -> this station will make the essential difference in the final, but at this point we could not have guessed that either.

The roads between the question stations are, as usual, perfectly paved – it seems as if all EU development funds have flowed into roads in recent years – lonely, without any traffic and – this is the biggest surprise for us – also lavishly blessed with curves. This makes the trip through the national park really fun. There are always small islets off the coast, the sea is green/blue and the sun is shining down from the sky. So everything is at its best.

As always, I am too fast on the road, Renate always stays behind, and at some point she asks me – rightly – whether I am on the run?

She’s really right and that’s why I shift down a gear and just enjoy the landscape and it’s really beautiful and invites you to look at it calmly.

Soon we reach the end of the national park and return to the interior to visit the two mansions (mois ) of Sagadi (in red) and Palmse (in yellow), which are also part of our questionnaire. It’s about photos of objects, to assign to the respective manor house. And so we walk through the wonderful gardens of both sites and enjoy the reenactment, which is common in Estonia and is supposed to show the life of the inhabitants (including servants) at that time. It’s a good thing that despite the wonderful sunshine it’s only about 17/18° warm again (in Austria its at the moment close to 40°!!) , otherwise it would be a hot affair with the motorcycle gear. Because of the advanced time we decide to have a lunch break in the castle tavern. Here too, the staff is dressed accordingly, but at least we can pay with Euros instead of guilders. 😉

So, the questions asked are all be checked off now, so we start our way back to the south, towards Tapa.

In Tapa itself we make a short stop, on the one hand we refuel our machines again, and then there is another special task to do. All I’m saying now is: broomstick and dog toy.

From Tapa it is only a stone’s throw back to Jäneda, this time we do not drive on the national road but on a country road cutter, via Lehtse, and so, despite – once again – threatening clouds we arrive back completely dry. What a day!



The broom stick is prepared in the quiet closet, i.e.: with the unravelled dog toy (chewing bone made of ribbon fibres), gaffer tape and rock straps converted into a strap-on flagpole.

The Austrian flag is attached to it and off it goes for a test drive, for the day after tomorrow’s parade to Rakvere. Finally, I have to test how many kilometres per hour I can withstand before it blows me off the motorcycle, and how many km/h the flag?

In short, I win. 😉

As pleasant I feel everything up to approx. 70 km/h, above that the pull of the flag already becomes quite violent. In addition, the flag begins to fray at the edges.  Since the drive to Rakvere takes about 1 hour it seems to be a good fitness training. No big fault, after all this marvellous dishes.

I drive a little back and forth and so attract the attention of other Wimas.

My little “stunt”, as it seems, then have reached the newly elected president, and since she is not riding her motorcycle this time, she suggests that the day after tomorrow I should not ride in the column but at the top together with the Wima Estonia president Annelie, but then with the Wima International flag.
OK, what can happen, it can’t even be bigger than our flag and in the column it doesn’t go so fast.

As always too optimistic Versya, as always……, but we will see it the day after tomorrow 😉

So I agree and make my way to the road safety event that Wima EE regularly organizes for motorcycling women in Estonia in the evening.

Appropriately this time with us as Claque and selected presidents around the globe, who well reflect the different aspects of the respective countries in their presentation of motorcycle culture on site, as well as the usual traffic customs. Also interesting: Japan may be the only country that offers for female street motorcycle riders “breastplate protectors” as standard. I only know it from motocross and there with both sexes.

Wima EE has also put out a folder showing the advantages of safety clothing. I confirm with Annelie, that we may use the photos (all Wima EE members), if we should publish a similar information brochure.

After that I plunge briefly into the Estonian nightlife – as always: eating, drinking and loud music…, but the diary waits, I am still about 1 ½ days behind and so I start with the tracking of the experiences, and these are – as women will surely notice when reading here – not exactly few.

A little later Renate and Su join us and we discuss our last experiences, the current information of the last NP election, and so it gets late again and the diary remains still incomplete.  But, so what?

Wima Austria Trailer

The weekends are grey in grey, cold and wet. The best alternative to this:
To convert colorful pictures into a colorful movie trailer. 😉

Voi’la, hours later:

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

January Ride

Wima India called for a participation in their big     #we_are_one ride.

Unfortunately the weather is quite different here in Austria, mid of january 😉

But, this shouldn’t be an excuse not to ride!

So, to honour the worldwide participation in this ride, at least one of the Austrian Wimas was choosen to undertake this mission.

Strangely enough 😉 I was choosen for this task, and I gladly accepted.  🙂

Thankfully the weather was rather moderate and so a 1/2 day trip could commence.

I started on the north eastern border of Vienna, short before noon.

It was a little bit foggy and it had approx. 5° celcius.
But I was neatly tucked in several layers of clothes and so it wasn’t cold at all

I first headed north through the lovely – or better: the normally  lovely –  hills in the northern area.
Travelling on  known paths for most of the first part, but was suprised to find a wooden look-out tower in the middle of nowhere.
Strange, I newer saw it before.

I took a hard turn left onto a gravel road, heading right into the direction of the tower.  Naturally the gravel road turned into a  deep track * surprise! * and I had to master the heavy Versys with its road tires.
But, I managed to get there without any accident.  🙂

Naturally, as I was now there, I climbed up the stairs and admired the foggy view.  😉


Afterwards I traveled further on to a local border town, where I stopped in front of the Mayors House to take another picture.

After a short picture session the tour went on over the Czech border,  and I then circled back  over the open border, again over gravel road.

I found a big hill all over covered with wine cellars .

Surounded by wine yards I took another foto shot, and then I turned around and headed back south, to Vienna.

Damn right in time, as it already started to get dark.

Hmm, I suppose, I should have started a little earlier.
nevertheless I do know my way (for the most part) and so I return safely home after another 2 hours.

I didn’t feel the cold first, but in the last hour, the cold crept through my layers, and so I was really happy, seeing the lights of the city from above.
After the ride I took a very hot shower and a cup of tee. I think, I really deserved it  🙂

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