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Month: March 2016


IMG_20160325_171115549Loudness wins.

With my last tour I found out, that my signal horn wasn’t working (naturally, as I needed it). Grr, what the …?

Back, at home I checked the electrics, but still the horn itself wasn’t working. No sound, no quack, nothing….

Instantely I ordered a new one, as especially this time of the year, car drivers are not prepared and do not expect motorbikes out there on the street.


Today my new horn arrived, and if it proves to be reliable, I must say, its really worth it.

The sound is incredibly good (deep) and very loud. UUppss , maybe I shouldn’t have bought a truck horn? ­čśë


Despite of the size, it still fits under the fairing, so let the car drivers come ­čÖé

Well upholstered?

After all the necessary steps with dismanteling the seat, and the following rebuilding and improving steps, now, as it seems, the seat looks like new.Sitzbank neu.

Tomorrow, there will be the next test round, weather forcast looks fine, so lets give it a try.


Sitzbank Versys      My bottom will show, if everything worked out fine.

Tire change


Junior still does have his original tyres on the bike. This ones are relatively hard types, so not really fitting for all purposes, especially harder ground and tarmac.

So we are now giving the Mitas EF 07 (in the yellow mis soft variant) a try.  We will keep you updated


mitas-ef-07-140-90-18 As recommended and already experienced, we used the extreme endurance 4mm tube, so no cumbersome  surprises expected.

Female Ride Day, 7. May 2016


Today the Logo for the  Female Ride Day was announced,

7th May , it is.


Last year, I went to the Hungarian and Slovakian Border.

Hmm, I wonder, where will I go this year?

Pink Schal

And, even more  important, will I go alone again?

Only to be on the safe side, I ordered 2 of this pink scarfs.

At least for this ride, I am showing the flag┬á ­čśë

Seasonstart with Junior

Totally unplaned, first Season opening with Junior and his Duke 390.
We startet with 14┬░ temperature and finished our tour approx 4 hours later at approx. 7 brrr centigrates .
And, big achievement, he now does have 1000km on his speedo.

on our way, I had my first police stop with the motorbike!!! :-/ , totally wrong.., had nothing done

Our revenge: ­čÖé

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

At least some real fun … ­čśë

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