My slanted Life

Month: November 2013

First snow

first snow of the year! Fine! lets takle it. Continue reading


a call from the tires shop.

The tires are there and already mounted.

i am speechless, only 3 weeks, I still do not believe….

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no tires

still, there are no tires.

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I got now the confirmation of my participation for the Hare Scramble,

I will be number 1628 on the starter list Continue reading

Really, I really tried

to be optimistic, really.. but the curse, it seems, it is still there…

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for the following wet and cold days ….   Continue reading

in the heat of the night

simply unbelievable, it’s November 7th right? . Continue reading

To kneel down

time was ripe to buy a good kneebrace. Continue reading

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