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Month: December 2015

The last post

for 2015 😉
Have a wonderful 2016, we will see us on the road again!
Bike Shadow_small

Family days

The meaning of the christmas holidays is to meet with your family too.
So we only sneak away for a short interlude, one shoot we wanted to do for a long time beeing.
Our playground from high above, some kind of new perspective. Most of my training time I only see it from down below 😉

Christmas present

Look, Santa brought me a surprising Christmas present:

Let’s see, if it still fits, AFTER the holidays….

Enduro fog round

2015-12-18_12-11-28_442Despite the ugly weather, we started for a short Enduro round.

As we got into the swamp last time, we decided to went along the field tracks.



There was not much to see, even worst, nothing to orientate, so we went just a little bit over the border to visit Czechoslovakia , opss…..  😉

The big advantage though, nobody could see us, only the engine noise could be heard…


2015-12-19 17_37_17-GPS Track Editor
Due to the bad view distance and the worse ground resistance our max. speed, of up to 110 km/h, was some kind of a hazardous game, but, we managed to come home safely.






Afterwards a full cleaning was very essential 🙂

To sell

Do you want to by a last minute christmas present, are you madly in love with 2-stroke machines?

Then this is your right in time bargain:

IMG_20151114_155337296 IMG_20151114_155352231 IMG_20151114_155403737 IMG_20151114_155413131

Build: 2003/06




It brought me and Junior up and down very reliably



This parts had been changed pre sales:

Piston, Clutch facing, transmission Oil, coolant, Tires (both),  plastics – where heavy scratched, sprocket, chain, tooth wheel, clutch cover (big part) .


bike is therefore: Ready to Race.

included Enduro Stand, easy to remove, and easy to use  😉



there was no sun over the last days,
… there was rain
… there was fog

but we didn’t expect to get into the swamp, as we arrived at our favorite training spot.


But we were really happy as we managed to pull us and our bike back out of the deep ground  😉  Not to much driving, but a lot of lifting  😉

Training the other way, but still slanted

It’s not always, that I run, fight or drive to increase my stamina.
No, regular guests of my blog already know, that I like to hike the montains too.

Thats why we used the longer weekend to cross some 2000m peaks over sea level. At this time of the year ingeneral impossible, but as the weather was really fine, and snow wasn’t to much, so we managed to hike bigger tours there:

IMG_20151208_114627832_HDR Naturaly on higher ground, there was some snow, but it could be handeled without snow shoes easily. IMG_20151205_110112380

So we crossed the treelines and went even higher up.



IMG_20151208_110344049But, it was possible to go beneath water too 😉





in summary, enough sport, enough fine food, what more could you ask for?   🙂


With the registration for the Erzberg Rodeo, there comes the training preparation.
Thats why winter is again training season! Practise, practise, practise….

My beloved readers may remeber my personal challenge “Death Hill” ? Now, we can handle him in a pass by situation, despite, as in case with the tyres of Junior, they are not really fit anymore..

OK, not always 😉



Only for completion:

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