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Month: May 2015

Women Run


the 28th Austrian womens run (Frauenlauf) took place.

2015-05-31_09-22-06_792Naturally, I was right within to prove my stamina upfront to the EBR.

As always there was a really fine athmosphere, and the weatherwas fine too ­čÖé

Surprisingly, the result was really nice too.

FrauenlaufI wish I could be in the top 25% of the EBR results too.┬á┬á Naaah , only kidding….


The training: Totally worth it…..

last preparations

For reliability, last preparations for the EBR:

KTMOil and air filter change, as well as spark plug

and fixed muffler mounting.

Auspuff stopfen I

Also, right in time:

New again ;-):

Auspuff stopfen II

And finally, testdrive:

GPS Track a speed max speed according to GPS 116 km/h (on rather flat tracks), but for sure a good base.

Emergency rescue

As Junior did sent a rescue signal from the save zone at the Scouting Dead , i was forced to travel the long way down, to rescue him.

Fortunately the destination area was really close to my designated target in approx 9 days.
So, I useed the opportunity to scout the close surrounding, here are my results:

Didn’t want to face some “Zombies” there┬á ­čśë

Feels like home, alreadyAbenteuer ErzbergAnn├Ąherung

9 days to go:


Nothin unusual above the iron mountain, so no surprise ­čśë
Erzberg Temperatur

Definitely to cold for Zombies, so no Danger expected:

The holy spark

Last year I got stuck, after a driving fault, and so my engine stalled during Prolog.
As the engine refused to start for approx. 5-7  minutes afterwards, I learned my lesson for this year:

I ordered spare spark plugs for both bikes, to have them changed after each prolog round.
I don’t want to feel this kind of desperate pain, again – never, never again┬á ­čÖé


Back to construction


beautiful weather, sun is shinning, warm temperature, what more could one desire?

So, back to our beloved  Enduro training spot. Bagger

First surprise: The caterpilar was there:

Luckily, a small ramp, or such ;-),   still existed, so we tried our luck and it worked!

Moving on, we spotted a male deer in the bushes:Deer which got away unharmed.

tireI did check my tyre presure when we left home. But very fast I felt, that my rear tyre hadn’t any grip.

So I checked the tyre and:

Running flat ­čÖü

Can be compensated by speed┬á ­čśë , therefore pressing on, but:

My muffler didn’t sustain the next slide, so it decided to leave our company, naturally resulting in a terrible noise.

I had to mount the part losseley to my bike and start to travel back home.

We never met any strollers on the way home in the past, but todays count:┬á 8-10┬á ­čÖü

Auspuff Reparatur
Fixed the muffler at home temporarely with  clamping band and

removed the dirt from the area around the exhaust:Auspuffdreck

Naturally I patched the tire too, but It would have been more fun, without.

At least, I used the opportunity to change tire direction too, so:

Small win!

Female Ride Day

Today is the female Female Ride Day.
The name is programm, today, every motorcycling woman should go on Tour.

2015-05-03 00_30_42-IFRDDespite moderate weather I ventured out .




2015-05-03 01_08_16-IFRD Speed


As there was not to much traffic, the tour did allow a moderate travel speed overall.
2015-05-03_15-24-38_951Half trough the trip I did stop in carnuntum, to visit the roman ruins.


It was a very nice tour, in company it would have been even nicer.
But next time it will work out.┬á ­čÖé


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