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Month: September 2013


Since June 16th, thats 102 days, the EXC 200 has been a construction site, and, don’t get me wrong, for the time beeing, it still is one…,
On one hand it works without any major problem now, but there are still things to do, to make it really working fine.. Continue reading

hurray, Jubilee and Tralala…

Unbelievable, simple unbelievable …., this small part did the trick…..Zündspule

Build today in the morning, .. Continue reading

one’s weaker self and healthy..


what I am doing, while not driving?

Exactly, fighting with my inner self to gain additional stamina.

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1, 2, 3 sold!

Tears are fruitless, it was very brave, easy going (no compare to my bitchy EXC lot) , but Junior has grown to much in the last months….

I am speakinKXg off the big wheel KX 85, which now belongs to a 10 year old Burgenland boy.

Farewell ad a lot of fun to both of you! Continue reading

election campain

If you are interested in a kind of 3rd men stile, Viennese kind of comedic party song, of our 6 (and more) nominated political parties in Austria, pls. feel free to listen:






Team Stronach

Exception from the rule

sind wohl alle Frauen, die Motocross fahren. Continue reading

Full commitment

marked my part at the Nursch amateur race.

As I had just recovered from a heavy cold, my body wasn’t able to… Continue reading

Sun over Nursch

God is merciful…
The mist were over the hills in Nursch, but the sun did fight through long enough, thus enabeling the starts of the various races to take place.Nursch SunRise Continue reading

In the rain

2013-09-14_13-52-49_619are the voluntaries of the MSC Nursch.

Tomorrow the W4Cup schould take place at the track, more then 200 starters are expected to come.

And the rain is still pouring…..  🙁

Therefore, tension is rising, lets take a look, to tomorrows decision of the race team….

Preparing the KX for sale

gestern war ein Interessent bei uns, der an der KX 85 von Junior interessiert ist.

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