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Month: February 2016

It works!

the spare part from the car seat heating is really working!

Nice!  It fits perfect in size and power consumption. So the next step is not to far away.


Heart – or better some other part 😉  ?  – what do you desire more?



Schalter LuH


Next step will be to prepare the cabling. But, naturally there is a possible solution.

Comfort and protection

As it seems, my seat cover did let water through – and not a wee bit.
The foam beneath was rotten in some parts and it is geting harder too. As I intend to join a bike marathon this summer, I pondered, if some repairs, combined with some enhancements wouldn’t be a bad idea?

After second thought and some youtube videos later 😉  I decided to go for it.

I ordered the necessary materials, and yes, I also added a gel pad and an additional layer :-0
– As it seems, not even a Versys can match my high  😛

Next step will probably be a seat heating. At least I will try to adopt one.
I already do have a car seat heat, maybe I can make it fit?
And then, a final cover layer for the overall area.

Hmmm, the finish is still to decide.
Will I go for the orginal cover (a new one), or something quite different? Still looking….


More to come…..

Went swimming with EXC

As for now, I did know this situation only by Youtube. Enduro KEX ist my favorite there. But, naturally every Endurist can do the same 😉

And, so did I.
Thats my chronicle of horror:
Best to start late, and then add:
no planning, where to go,
rather empty fuel tank,
do not turn around with reserve fuel on, and starting dawn, instead travel on,
get “lost” in the neighbor country,
voila, and then only add one simple thing: Don’t cross bridges, which are not ones….
The result:

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

For hasty ones, skip to the end, after the dive, the GoPro cheased to record

Surprisingly, the Exc did start flawlessly after the half dive. Maybe thanks to my heroic jump into the water to put it upright again. But, my curses could certainly be heart in far away Brno 😉
We managed to get home, finally. The gas tank solely dry innwards, me wet outside completely, and the smell, arghh :-/.

A long hot bath did set the things back to normal….

What else?

It’s raining, its wet, its cold.

Time for some beauty sittings. naturally well eqquiped  😉


Border ride



Nice cup, btw.

I didn’t feel to good,

my throat wasn’t so good either,

in plain: I had a heavy cold.



Thats why I decided for a slow, but lovely round along the near border lineIMG_20160213_125538146, IMG_20160213_125554910

Old trails, different landscapes, enough high spirits for me, to recover,

IMG_20160213_125815526_HDR IMG_20160213_125426436_HDR

as I did, the day after   😉

As Bonus,

I found a new experience to collect, next time…  🙂


Ciao SX

Today, is the day.

My SX 125, my first MX bike, was sold. The buyer seemed very keen to get the bike, so I wish him all the best and a lot of fun.

125 sx Never thought it, but its quite hard to let loose.
In contrast to my construction site (which is now much more reliable – but it was very hard and expensive work :-/ ) the SX worked like a charm right from the beginning. No one bad day, unbelievable! 🙂

Junior learned a lot with it, after he did grow out of the KX 85. And now he is operating his FE 350 like a pro.  But without her? I don’t think so.

Bye, bye you trusty bike.

My last round with you is stored on my disk, so you will be present for ever. Sniff…

Up and down, there and back

Today, it was a beutiful, sunny day.

Perfekt conditions for an enduro tour, but unfortunately my schedules for today told me otherwise.

Novy Prerov smallSo, at least, I managed to ride my bike for a few hours along the czech border and




Gorilla Tripodtry some positions with my gorilla camera tripod

Enduro Action small






Equiped with two cameras, I tried a new approach from a different angle:

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

A little bit risky to have the cameras right there in the field, but luckily no other bikers, peasants there  😉
Wonderful weather, hopefully there are more to such days to come.


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