GDPR and Inprint

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One sole personal note:
I find it ridiculous that I, as a small blog author, have to provide so much (private) data and fullfill so much formalism, while if I would went the “easier way” and move my content to Facebook, I would be able to use an alias name and all my visitors get their private data pulled off by Facebook on an ongoing basis.
Well done, you data protectors, well done….Ā  šŸ˜‰

So, now the legal stuff:

The EU DSGVO will enter into effect on 25.5.2018.
National data protection laws will be amended as a result.
In Austria, the Austrian Data Protection Act 2018 does not apply to the processing of personal data by natural persons for the exercise of personal or family activities, pursuant to Article 2 (2) (c) of the EU DSGVO.

This website is a personal and non-commercial site and is not operated by any legal entity. I do not send newsletters and there is no online shop. Nevertheless, the protection of your data is a concern to me, therefore the following information applies:

This website uses cookies. By using this site you agree to its use. Please note that this website also uses a few plugins. We have removed these plugins where it was technically possible and useful. Your IP will be anonymized according to the law.

If you contact me via my email address, your email address will not be saved, but only used for direct communication.

For your security, this website and thus their personal data is encrypted using HTTPS with SSL.

According to Austrian law I am also not obliged to disclose personal imprint data,

However, if you have a legitimate interest in this information, you can obtain it by contacting and requesting domain holder information,

However, according toĀ  Ā§25, paragraph 1 of the Austrian Media Act, I am obliged to disclose the “media owner“:

NameĀ  of the media owner: Chris Baumer
Object of the company: None, this is a private blog about my motorcycle experiences
Place of residenceĀ  of the media owner: Vienna, Austria