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Month: January 2016

Winter silence

As the winter shows a wide range of weather situations: cloudy, wet, foggy, snowing, warm, raining, etc.. in less then 2 days intervals. It’s not easy to plan in advance the next ride.

At the moment the ground is so deep, its really bad.

Instead we experienced a new thing: The Lithium batterie of the FE 350 doesn’t like cold to well, so we equipped the bike now with a plug….IMG_20160127_123214597_HDR[1]





it worked like a charm ­čśë

Parted Blog


you might have found out per accident, but from today I have parted my two blogs.┬á This one, covering all my motorcycle experiences, while my still existing Enduro Blog “Iron mountain Damsel” will be used for my enduro experiences only. So it shall be┬á ­čśë

Many happy readings!

From Zero to Hero

Hi Guys, especially the guys.Versya small
Versya intents to enter an additional new field of competition. Which one?
I started today with my first training, as you can see:

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It was a wonderful experience and the hunger for more ist there…


On my way home it was really hard not to lean the car…

And tomorrow I will have aching muscles, for sure┬á ­čÖé

Snow ride

As I am not experienced with driving in the snow, I thought I start a test drive:

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Freezing fingers guaranteed



Only to shorten the compulsory winter break:

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