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Month: April 2016

Van Van up and running again

Yesterday the new rectifier arrived,

Today we changed the part and, the van Van is running and loading the battery again….

Reifen Check

IMG_20160417_135600774_HDRFor some time, I do have the feeling, my front tire isn’t round anymore, you know the feeling right?
So I did a check, and surprise, it seems its life span is over.

Strange, its only on the side flanks, the straight running surface is still in a very good condition, and the outmost flanks too. ..

As it seems, I do drive a lot of curves, but not with to much angle … -> thats something that must change  🙂




IMG_20160416_142048682Despite this finding, its at least dry, a short trip to the first hills around Vienna.

Van Van 3

Test drive done, yep, the rectifier seams to be broken, we need a new one

original one per piece 137,- €                                                              Arghhh (searches for some air) , are they crazy?

As the UK are THE VanVan country within Europa iI tried Amazon there, and Jackpot, the same rectifier, incl. postage  67,- €  .

Still enough money, but totally worth it.

ordered, waiting commenced…..

Van Van 2

I spent some time with the Repairs manual and found out, where to check some parameters in the electrics

Unsurprisingly, the first measurment did show a big deviation from the  given numbers.

Without anything switched on, the batterie did give 30mA to an unknown source.  So the systematic check started and was narrowed down to the rectifier.

I started to dismount it, and found this:

IMG_20160416_113539795 IMG_20160416_113516093

After some cleaning it looked like:

IMG_20160416_114513270 IMG_20160416_114259258
Hopefully this did the job, the Amps are gone, but I still dont see any charging.

As it seems the rectifier is gone for good. Generator does provide voltage though.  So a short testdrive will show.  😉


Van Van

IMG_20160409_145349822On saturday I exchanged the battery on juniors Van Van, as the old wasn’t functioning anymore,

or so I thought.

Unfortunately we found out, that this isn’t the true fault.

The Van Van stopped operation after 5km travel and only showed the FI light.


I wonder, whats the reason for this?  I asume it’s the voltage regulator or rectifier, but thats still to prove.

At least it worked well with a full charged battery, so  I think, I am right. But I keep you posted.  :-/

Rain, go!

safebike 1The Day of the Safebike,
Vienna Municipality free Motorbike “safety” training,  has arrived.





Its a bleak day, bleak and wet, and cold. As forcasted, so no big surprise there. regen
There is some hesitation to start, but on route easy to forget.

I am curious to know how many particpants will attend.
I am right in time at Pachfurth and there are already some Motorcyclists there. Even more surprisingly, a lot of women drivers!

At the same time my both Juniors are arriving with the bus and their bikes. The Husaberg and the Duke in the bus.

So, the familiy is about 10% of all participants . From 120 registrations only 35 finally arrived.

The weather certainly is one big reason not to join :-/ , but, at least, we will have small groups

IMG_20160409_143215886smallWe do all the stations Circle track with sliding plate, break track including cobblestone and high speed curve.

a good possibility to reduce the chicken strips further more. 😉

After that we went to the break.

Based on the still worse weather condition other program of the Safebike event had been cancelt.

So we did reload the bikes back on the bus , and headed back to Vienna.





At Saturday and Sunday, there will be the Safebike again. (Driving Trainging) in Pachfurth on the border between lower Austria and Burgenland.

I am anxious to know, if the Wheelie Simulator will be part of the training?

Not, that the sliding plate isn’t challenging enough. 😉

Especially for my warmth loving tires a little bit higher temperature than 10°C and without rain would be nice, but not likely to happen.   :-/

OK, we will see.

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