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Month: November 2016

New levers

Some time ago, the clutch leaver had been damaged by another vehicle.
I am used to a broken clutch leaver from my Enduro, but naturally this doesn’t work with a Duke

Therefore I searched for some alternative leavers, and for symetry reasons i decided to order a fitting break leaver too.

Finally I found one:


This leavers are adjustable in with and lenght so I ordered them immediately.

This week they were delivered so we did mount them, and so they look like.



Good lookin, aren’t they? ­čÖé

Yes, I haven’t done it!

It was a very though and hard decision for me to participate at the EBR only as visitor in 2017.

My Accident in September showed me, that I have gotten a little bit to reckless with my health and that I should step down. The iron mountain is an enemy you can not, and you shouldn’t underestimate.
With my age, I should encourage my children, which I gladly will do, but avoid such adventures for myself.

I do have mostly positive experience from there.
The physical and mental training sometimes at, or over, the personal limit helped me to nearly avoid the clash with the car at the Gro├čklockner .
So I could walk and drive away only slightly damaged and hurt.
Without the fast reaction, the right instinct and my perfect body condition at the time of the accident┬á (2 weeks upfront of the EBR), I wouldn’t have walked away from there, but – at least – would have been carried away by ambulance. So many thanks to the EBR Team, I owe you!┬á ­čśë

Still, I will do my enduro trainings and participate in Workshops, but now only for fun reasons. ­čÖé



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