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Month: March 2014

encounter in the reed

This saturday was a really fine day!
We experienced really beutiful summer day, warm and sunny, all people we met happy and smiling
Therfore we went to Lobau to hike a smal  tour… Continue reading


its more a local story., but if you can read german ->stalker

This article has been printed in Österreich, as well as in Heute both free newspapers from the underground


I did have contact with him too, once…
Unfortunately he didn’t touch me   😉

From head to toe

During my self defence training I think, I did to much hitting the “Red Man” after the heat of the fight, driving home I recognised, at switching gears, that there isn’t everything right down there…

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Storm warning

The weatherforecast hasn’t lied, the big storm has arrived.
I haven’t expected it the least, but the wind manged it, to blew a heavy ridge tile from the roof. Even more unbelievable …

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Spring jogg

Its March 13th, and at 6 PM I did jogg over the meadows of Bad Häring. Continue reading

Engine? Starter?

It is Sunday, and again something isn’t working.
No, this time it isn’t my construction site, which has shown her chocolate side over the last months, this time ….

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Camera duty

because my shoulder is still sore, I really like to skip cross in front of my x-rays, despite the wonderful weather, I I rather like to take some pictures from Junior and the track.

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My last roll over with my cross bike has startled me. Simply hitting my head into the dirt  isn’t really healthy at all!
Therefore Continue reading

Spring cleaning

OK, weather forecast is good, and despite I am thinking that this may change if I put my Versys out on the street… Continue reading

Spring trainings rounds

The sun is shinning the whole week trough, and temperatures are higher then normal in february… Continue reading

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