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Month: February 2014


This weekend Iparticipated in a Bowling contest of the Boy and Girl Scouts in Vienna.

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Oh my, as it seems, there are some aftereffects of my somersault, at the weekend

Despite the fact, that I had worn my whole equip, even the neck brace.
Nothing serious happened, but my neck and my left shoulder does hurt  now


It feels a little bit like a heavy sore muscle, so nothing really bad, I am used to it  😉 Continue reading

Head over heels into the dirt

Over the week there was beautiful motorbike weather, but due to the vacation there was simply to much to do afterwards, to spent time with the bike.
Todays forecast announces rain, so hurry up, lets start before it gets nasty, again.
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The big melting

The sun is shining the whole day, more or less, the whole week through, thats really nice!
The snow, i suppose, isn’t as happy about this.
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Snow shoes

Sorry for the long interruption, but after the vacation, there were only stress moments.
But, now, the first update covering the events during vacation and after.

The beautiful weather really demanded it, we decided to hike up the valley, until the end, with snow shoes. Then we will use slates to travel back to the bottom.

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Long shadows

Unbelievable nice weather, spring has come (hope so) Its simply fun to drive through the slopes the whole day.  Continue reading


panoramaThats perfect weather!

The snow, gone?

in only 20 Km distance, on the other side of the Alps, there is really heavy snowfall since a few days, but here? Continue reading

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