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With great regret

I announce my deregistration from Erzbergrodeo XX5,
unfortunately I lack  simply the training possibility at the moment and the whole situation was intensified by:

It is surely a sign to let it be good for this time ­čśë

Tribute goes to Jimmy Fallon, Christina Aguilera and Patricia Kafka ­čÖé

Break a leg!

Again and again we are confronted with the dangers of motorcycling:

A driver who overlooks us, an oil puddle in the roundabout, splitt in a narrow corner, a fall at the Enduro drive.

And we try to protect us against it: protective clothing, safety driving training, better tires, higher attention …

But sometimes, sometimes it does not help and a second later we are there, down to the ground …..

In the best case we have a few bruises, a damaged garment, bent or scratched parts on the bike and thats it, already.
Jump up quickly, and go on riding the motorcycle ┬á…

But unfortunately, unfortunately, the story is not always so auspicious and then you can only be grateful that it has not gone worse.

This is the case with one of the last tours of 2 Wima women in some Styrian spots, around Admont, where one of our youngest members (P.) fell disastrously. This time, unfortunately, it was not so light-hearted because her ankle was broken by the falling motorbike.

The first care was exemplary but still she had to follow for about 2 weeks to the hospital in Bruck an der Mur and the procedure plaster, surgery, gypsum, as well as many more days in the hospital.

Well, so a hospital stay is not tingly. At least, when the motorcycle sun comes up for the first time.

Even the whimsical accidents of the other room maidens could not help the invading fades.

In order to raise the mood at least a little, Su and I have decided to combine the useful with the pleasant and to go on a motorcycle to the nursing visit.

The weather forecast was mixed, but also not bad, so we met early in Altmannsdorf to start from there, by S├╝dautobahn to M├╝rzzuschlag.

From M├╝rzzuschlag we went via M├╝rzsteg, over the Niederalpl – with its beautiful turns, Seebergsattel – big dark clouds and really cold, we slip on to the rain gear, further over Aflenz, to St. Katharein – over an gravel road and with small sweeps (New discovery!) to Bruck an der Mur in the local hospital to visit our dear P.

The operation is now 2 days ago, and the urge for movement – lying plaster! – is limitless. Immediately, we pack a wheelchair and push her into the open space:-)

We talk about God and the world, her bike, which has already arrived in Vienna, and the further course of the treatment and the further recovery. Thus the early afternoon passes quite fast. When another visit came in, we took our leave and started to went back to Vienna.



The day is young, the highway is not an choice, the weather has become somewhat better – so optimal conditions for motorcycling.
Therefore, we decide to use the opportunity to return to Vienna via Teichalm, Birkfeld, Feistritzsattel, Gloggnitz, Reichenau, Schwarzau, Hainfeld, Klausen-Leopoldsdorf.

The trip went along┬á in wonderful weather, almost empty streets (in our direction of travel) and the area always invites to small stops. We should have taken a picnic basket with us! ­čśë

P. is now better, she has already left the hospital and is on the road to recovery.


losing streak

Although I do not have a spare part yet, that did not prevent me to start the dismantling of the Versys already


And, of course, there was another unpleasant surprise:

The ram for the brake piston of the rear brake cylinder is bent, of course it must be so.
So, I did order this part too…


And because this is not enough, a new construction site opened, too:

The battery of the transporter has shown the first signs of weakness lately. Yesterday it has completely failed.

The idea was actually quite simple,

drive another car close by, attach the starter cable, start the engine, and go to the battery dealer for a replacement.

Really quite simple, but: Junior was probably so focused on his task, that he simply miscalculated.

The result is probably the most expensive car batterie exchange in history:

OMG! is it possible, since the end of December I am not coming out of the workshop?

New tires, new bad luck

I had to wait for almost 3 weeks (in words: three), until the front fender and with it the tires were exchanged on my Versys. On Tuesday, right in time before the Wima round table, I was able to receive my Versys again .

  • And here was the first nasty surprise: The tires were the wrong type!
    Or, in other words: the tires might have been my possible choice weeks ago, but in the meantime, I decided to go with the Pirelli Angel GT and I told so to the workshop.
    Hmmm, what to do? ┬áBut, the Faux Pas isn’t so painful with a smart price reduction. ­čśë
    Not, that the pilot road tires are of poor quality,they are quite the opposite – I know from my own experience -, but a training at the race circuit will be a little difficult, though.
    As it seems, I will have to look for a rather cold and wet day there ­čśë
  • When discussing this, I realized that the metal valves are not mounted, but the standard rubber valves. ->
    Thus meaning, that my idea of ÔÇőÔÇőinstalling the pressure and temperature sensors for the tires, which have been lying around for a year at home, is again postponed. ┬áMerde ­čÖü

Now, to tear everything  down again, and completely re-assemble the tyres would be madness.
So, with the promise to do the next tire change in goodwill, ┬áI leave the workshop to drive in the Marchfeld – as good as possible there ­čśë – to get rid of the lubrication layer .
Gloriously feeling again, vibrating over the roads. ­čÖé
The evening at Wima was in a wonderful mood, the main theme were our new members and the planned tour on May 6th with the scope of the IFRD,
and also the return home, after the meeting, was wonderful.

But, the next morning, the next nasty surprise:

  • My Versys is laying on the side?!?!!
    Unfortunately it is unclear whether a passing bus took the front wheel, or whether other influences were to blame, it is down on the tarmac. ­čÖü

In general not a big drama, protectors are installed in all neuralgic places, but after the errection the inspection shows, that the drop was not without consequences:

Why the footrests have not given way┬áis a riddle to me, but the break is respectable, I could not have done better ­čśë
Of course I looked in the instant where to get a spare part in a reasonable time. But the minimum delivery time is: 4-5 days!
*** I want to cry, Saturday is the tour and today it’s Wednesday !! ***
The rear wheel brake does not matter to me, but without a footrest a day tour? It does not work!
Drill some holes, and screw it together, somehow? ┬áI still have to try ……….

To be continued …

Winter is coming, again

Ok, it’s april, so every weather condition is possible, theoretically. but why? Why!

Why does it have to snow again?

It already had so good weather conditions, spring was already there

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

Motorbike Adventure

I’ve been looking for a new multipurpose motorbike for some time now, so that I can move on the road, but also in a light terrain (not just on a gravel road).
The Triumph Tiger 800 XCA looks very well from the setup, the price however look less favorable.
If I count some paniers, etc to the basic price, it sums up to about 16,000, – ÔéČ easily …
Some may be fine with paying a nice sum for a new bike, i, for my part, do not strive for it.

Even more, as I have no problem to drive a motorcycle not as the first (owner). For me it is – with all my love for my Versys – a vehicle, basta.
Thats why my motorcycles (but also cars) get no names, which would be really ridiculous, in my opinion …
Heeeyy “Speedy”, I will throw you down these slope now , you are not angry anyway? Muhahaha
Ok, but wrong topic, or not, depending on the perspective. ­čśë

To make matters worse, my current job is only 8 months old, and is limited until the end of June.
Who knows if I still have a regular (a regular, and not the constant income of the PES :-P) income after that date?
The last 2 years have shown me personally, in a very harsh way, that a safe workplace can become unsafe and new jobs in my area of ÔÇőÔÇőactivity are very rare.
With so many job changes in a short period, and accompanied with this, a worse income for some period, a large part of my savings is spent, ie. at the moment I am a little short on savings.
And again wrong topic, or not, depending on the perspective. ­čśë

I therefore follow the current second hand offers, etc … in order to snatch a bargain, but so far the result is disappointing. Even the long winter has caused very few people to sell their motorcycles and to look into something new.
And despite the crowds at the bike in Tuln the number of used motorcycles in the usual ads has not changed ….
I therefore consider a new (used) motorcycle as a rather long-term project and only do look just a little over the horizone what is currently in the pipeline with the manufacturers.

Accidentally i found the in Motorcycle news article, that reports on a KTM Adventure 790?
Sounds exciting, even if a serial production probably will not happen before 2018 and as far as I know KTM, the first motorcycles will not appear until autumn in the market. ­čśë
It would fit into my own definedlimit of 800cc very well, and would probably not be as gigantic as the current 1090 Adventures from KTM.
Alone the thought of this motorcycle semi-loaded down to the ground, brr …. how can men lift them?

The question now is: Waiting for the KTM, or waiting for a cheap Tiger 800 XCA?

Drift training

As promised, here is the summary of  our drift training.

As this was a gift for Juniors birthday too, he is in the movie too. ­čÖé

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

As always, not without an accident┬á┬á ­čśë

In the aftermath, 8 days later, I still have a aching parts at my shin, if i touch them accidentally it still hurts a lot.
Additionally the foot is swollen and covered with bruises. I have to rest him high or keep in movement so he will not swell more.

Next time I will equip myself with shin guards, for sure… ­čÖé

One of our Austrian Online Magazines – 1000PS – testet it too:
Thats their experience, on video:

Indoor drift training

Only a short teaser of my yesterdays indoor drift training,┬á ­čÖé

more to come in one of my next posts.

As the last time, it was a tough training and required a lot of stamina – ouch, my muscles are really, really sore now – to handle the small bikes over the lenght and bends of the Go Cart circuit.


As usually, I didn’t finish, without an accident.

In my last round – now knowing what I could do ­čśë┬á – I might have tried it a little bit to much. Just a little bit. ­čśë
Unfortunatelly there was a steel beam just in my escape way – OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH,┬á that was hard.

Fortunatelly the gear worked, but excactly at the gap between knee- and shoe protectors the edge of the beam found the way to my bones.

But, hey! Versya’s bones are even stronger then steel, so it seems!
I only do have bad bruises and a contusion at my right shin. Totally worth it┬á ­čśë

Video of the training, chases with my Junior and others, as well as the accident will follow, I promise!┬á but for know I have to go easy for some time, you know…..


I went in the bank,

kotflugelI leave the bank ->


OMG, come on! A small bus had smashed the front fender on my Versys in the meantime.

Tomorrow is  the  Ride4Hope  event in Bruck/Mur ans on monday I had booked a track day at Pannoniaring

At least, I do have a solution for tomorrow, lets see if it stays in place the whole way down and up again.




Bin gespannt, ob das bis Bruck und retour h├Ąlt.

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