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With great regret

I announce my deregistration from Erzbergrodeo XX5,
unfortunately I lack  simply the training possibility at the moment and the whole situation was intensified by:

It is surely a sign to let it be good for this time ­čśë

hard to soft

junior owns his new SMC 690 since October. And despite the fact, that the Husaberg Fe350 did a wonderful job in this role before, its now time to rebuild the enduro it once was.

this weekend we took the opportunity to rebuild the enduro and strip all the road gear within 4 hours. Now it looks bright and shiny , but only one week from now, the looks will be quite different.
Mud battle commencing! ­čśë


To go into the wild isn’t very encouraging at this time of the year, though better than on road, as getting warm isn’t the problen.
And, having a companion with you isn’t such a bad idea.┬á Junior can now join in,┬á Mission accomplished!

Well, we will see!

Ladiescamp 2017

In July 2016 the first Ladiescamp event, organized by the Austrian motorcycle magazine, took place. The event became a success and so it was almost natural that on 2nd July, 6 Wima girls met in Melk, or more precisely at Wachauring, to participate in the motorcycle magazine Ladiescamp 2017.

As the first time, in 2016, 100 women met on this day to take a close look at the many stations and test vehicles.
On the basis of the feedback on the preceeding event there were a few minor changes to the program as well as the content of the modules. And, due to the success, even more manufacturers were at site, which provided their bikes for test drives.

The arrival was not necessarily pleasant due to the very humid and cool weather, thankfully the weather situation improved rapidly and the routes were almost dry until the first drive.

All Wima’s had registered for a group and so we went through one station after the other together.
Our group was the red one, and our program ->

We started with the bike test runs, which were twice as long as last year.

This allowed us to test a large number of vehicles in succession.
This comparison option is unique because of the number of manufacturers available at site, similar models are available and the direct comparison is even more intense with an immediate change.

As each one of us has a different taste and driving style, there were in the end also quite different favorites, which we had picked. My top favorits are: The Triumph Street Triple RS and the Yamaha Tracer 900, both surprisingly smooth to handle on the road and a lot of punch if necessary. ┬á­čÖé
Lottery price needed!!

The next program point was driving safety.
Brake and curve technology. Specifically, cornering technology is a challenging station, but a very well preparation on mountain bends.

Margot and I used the roundabout to a footrest scratching “chase” of our two Versys. The others did not want to exaggerate it, but the circle was successfully completed by all of us.



The break time was used to get in touch with other women, and Su was diligently spreading our visit cards among the people.
It was exhilarating to hear the good mood and the many opinions on the already completed stations.

The break is used at the Ladiescamp, too, for two different groups alternating on the SuperMoto circuit for some race experience and after a while, it was the red groups turn to start the engines.

As usual, the Supermoto professionals Kim and Steffi were on the road to set the line and the speed. And that was very challenging right from the start.

Our small group, however, stayed with us bravely and so we were glad again, after 10min when the first change took place, so that we could a little breathe. A little irritating (turning the view direction to ­čśë ) were the photographers who were always placed in strategically good places, but what does woman do, for great photos in slanting position?

The next program step followed immediately: Fun-Experience.
Here are partly exotic vehicles from different displacement classes in use, simply so that woman can try these once synonymous.
In everyday life they are likely to be used less frequently.

Afterwards, two theoretical lectures on the subject of motorcycle travel, safe clothing and hearing protection (as an advertising event, but with expert information)

The two modules were completed:

Offroad, with the Trialmaschine driving between huts standing, over artificial obstacles the machine trustworthy over it, and a short trip into the adjoining terrain with “Steilauffahrt”: -o

And shunting, as well as lifting the machine.
Where many of us were troubled, I took the machine and threw it on the other side with full  elan: oops:

Then, this long and exhausting day was already over again.
Just right, because on the horizon the next thunderclouds emerged on time, which developed again during the course of the return trip to a rainfall. Still, the grin remained in the face. ­čÖé

(Deutsch) Erste Ausfahrt 2017

The sun, slowly she breaks through the thick grey clouds above Vienna, and so enabling a warmth, we haven’t felt in months.
Long time ago I wrote in the blog, that I am on search for a winter project.  As you know it was the  transformation  of Juniors enduro to a supermoto.
After a long, horrible working week, bad news in row, it was high on time to enjoy the weekend with the newly constructed SuperMoto.┬á ­čÖé

First time I could do a test was with the Ice crystal rally The result wasn’t to bad, still there were some adjustments to make. Rim Stickers, horn, brake light, blinker indicators, dB eater and speedometer were not installed properly, or not functioning, but in the meantime, most of them are fixed and so we could start for our first road trip of the season.

Of course, junior was there, and although he was not allowed to ride on his own bike due to the missing A2 upgrade (in November, of course, he hadn’t an opportunity), he did not want to miss out on this marvelous ride. And we had a short opportunity for him to ride it too. ­čśë

As mentioned above, a few things are missing, among others the dB Eater is still not dived.
We had dismounted it before the last EBR and after that we still did not miss it ­čśë , But on the road, the relatively noisy exhaust sound was going on my nerves and i didn’t want to be responsible for road closing too. Therefore I did a silent run in sme sections, reducing the fun. The police then stood on every street corner, making the trip exciting too. To be constantly on guard was a new experience. ­čśë





Our trip was not too long, just 2 hours took the trip around the southwest area of Vienna. I wanted more but Junior with his 125cc VanVan wasn’t able to follow the whole time, so we kept it short.
But, it was perfect weather and the streets were in a very good condition, what more does Versya want?

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

Ice crystal rally

Its the coldest winter since 30 years,

for weeks there were very low temperatures deep beneath 0°  day and night.

There is snow aside of the street, and the streets are covered with sand, ice or salt.

But, does this stop us riding? No, not even then!┬á ­čśë

I pondered for a┬á short time, as my Versys would be the first choice (Heat Grips┬á ­čśë┬á ) , but the tires? Pilot Power 3 tires are not build for temperatures below 5┬░ +

Thats, why my decision was to take the newly transformed Enduro, now Supermoto from junior.

Some longer night session later in the cold  shed (more details to come in one of my next posts) it was nearly ready to go.

Only the┬á DB Eater wasn’t to find (no big issue┬á ­čśë ┬á ) , the brake light wasn’t working, but I didn’t had the intension to brake a lot, and the speedometer failed from time to time.

But overall, the SM was ready to go┬á┬á ­čÖé .

Right at the first bend I did crash with my bike, due to some sand and ice at the tarmac.

Ok, put it back on wheels, and on we (carefully) went.

I did  miss the first meeting point, but arrived right in time for the second one and joined the  brave small group.

And cheerfully we rode on through the hills around Viennas woods:

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

It was freezing cold, and ice flowers growed inside the visors of our helmets, but it made a lot of fun, though. So, see you next year! ­čÖé


Today, 2 days later:

Years Programm

At the moment, it -10┬░ outside, so plenty of time to plan the seasons schedule.

First of all, the Wima activities for 2017 naturally.

and then

  • Weekend ride outs solo (on-, and Offroad) , or in small groups
  • Visit at the Panonnia Race Circuit

Happy Holidays!

Winter is there, as usal, around Christmas with approx. +10┬░ degrees temperature.

So, I will spent at least one day with my bike.┬á ­čÖé


I want to thank you all for the great response to my blog!

I promise, I will do my best to fill it with my impressions in the next year too!

Happy Holidays


Pls. feel free to comment, it doesn’t hurt at all ­čśë

Yes, I haven’t done it!

It was a very though and hard decision for me to participate at the EBR only as visitor in 2017.

My Accident in September showed me, that I have gotten a little bit to reckless with my health and that I should step down. The iron mountain is an enemy you can not, and you shouldn’t underestimate.
With my age, I should encourage my children, which I gladly will do, but avoid such adventures for myself.

I do have mostly positive experience from there.
The physical and mental training sometimes at, or over, the personal limit helped me to nearly avoid the clash with the car at the Gro├čklockner .
So I could walk and drive away only slightly damaged and hurt.
Without the fast reaction, the right instinct and my perfect body condition at the time of the accident┬á (2 weeks upfront of the EBR), I wouldn’t have walked away from there, but – at least – would have been carried away by ambulance. So many thanks to the EBR Team, I owe you!┬á ­čśë

Still, I will do my enduro trainings and participate in Workshops, but now only for fun reasons. ­čÖé



SM Project

Hi there!

As winter is coming slowly, but unstoppable, and as junior will receive his A2 driving license with end of November, i was pondering the question, if I schouldn’t start a project over the months to come?

He does own a Husaberg FE 350, which is fully qualified for onroad use.

So,  I thought, i could convertit to a Supermoto Bike.

I read a lot of articles over the last month to get a picture of the necessaary steps for this transition and started ordering.

Some of them are to far fetched (e.g. changing the fork – some adjustment to the compression- and rebound damping will have to do)

But with this restrictions I started ordering

Now the first, and most expensive, items have arrived:


Touch Down with ouch

Or: Who wants to to fly at higher Game, can easily drop deep.

In my case, approx: 3,5 m Hang
My intention was only to climb a little steeper uphill with my EXC, then the last time, I swear!

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

Ouch, that hurts!
And, despite the protectors, covered with bruises:

Schulter Popsch Knie

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