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Faja sends me an invitation for an Adventure Rider weekend in Lower Austria.
As it seems, it takes place for the first time and sounds very tempting with tents and campfire.
Spontaneously I agree and only then I organize the dog care. Normally it would be the other way around.
Also, the weekend is not really optimal, because for Saturday I have tickets for Cabaret, which can take place in the theater in the park (thanks to Corona, just a small hole between the lockdowns with the end of August.

Now my mother is happy about it!

Same weekend, in the company, a central IT system is transitioned and my team is to support here on this weekend. But, if Austrian ministers can keep their whole department under control only with a smartphone, then I can do the same with my smartphone too, from the campfire, or on the way with the motorcycle also. Only the battery has to keep charged.

Of course, on Friday the company closing time is delayed by almost 45 minutes, and I rush home.
Now the obligate dog round is still due, afterwards the luggage and the tent are mounted on the motorcycle and off it goes.

First I have to fight my way out of Vienna. All want to go home and with the suitcases the Durchschlängeln is quite troublesome.
The time has become scarce and thus I fetze over the highway and expressway to Krems:
After all, I have made up 25 minutes and meet Claudia at the gas station.

Quickly refueled and refreshed our way continues on winding roads, and in the final also through the military training area of Allentsteig. When we arrive, many tents are already set up and many bottles of beer are already in circulation.
The place choice is free, therefore as level as possible and rather away from the campfire it should be. Since I do not drink alcohol, so at 22:00 its normally time to leave, when the tongues get funny.

After our tents are up quickly it’s time to get to know the select group. Time2Ride, RoadsUp, GravelScout, IamProbablyAdventuring, ScottyAustria, WheelsOfMorocco, RoadCallsMe, WorldSpinsAsFastAsWeRide, FajaMoto, AustroBike, Kurvenfahrer, BikesFree, etc….
So many adventure riders are gathered here in one place.
I rarely feel like a rookie now, but in this round I definitely am.
My few thousand kilometres a year on adventure trails are nothing compared to the round-the-world riders, Asian visitors, desert riders and motorbike vagabonds.

What almost amounts to luxury is the tasty chilli, which is already simmering in a large pot and provides the basis for the happy round around the campfire.
ADV Rider are definitely drink resistant and so it is only from about 23 clock time for the evening check in.
We are in the Waldviertel, and Allentsteig is known as a cold pole and this night, too, the temperature gauge points steeply downwards. A good test for my sleeping bag, it must not get colder in any case, otherwise it will be uncomfortable.
The voices come from the campfire, but only as a murmur and so I fall asleep very quickly. At the low point of the night temperatures I am already glad that I still have my gold foil spread over, without this it would no longer be ok. So a better sleeping bag is a definite must.

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