Rain, go!

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safebike 1The Day of the Safebike,
Vienna Municipality free Motorbike “safety” training,  has arrived.





Its a bleak day, bleak and wet, and cold. As forcasted, so no big surprise there. regen
There is some hesitation to start, but on route easy to forget.

I am curious to know how many particpants will attend.
I am right in time at Pachfurth and there are already some Motorcyclists there. Even more surprisingly, a lot of women drivers!

At the same time my both Juniors are arriving with the bus and their bikes. The Husaberg and the Duke in the bus.

So, the familiy is about 10% of all participants . From 120 registrations only 35 finally arrived.

The weather certainly is one big reason not to join :-/ , but, at least, we will have small groups

IMG_20160409_143215886smallWe do all the stations Circle track with sliding plate, break track including cobblestone and high speed curve.

a good possibility to reduce the chicken strips further more. 😉

After that we went to the break.

Based on the still worse weather condition other program of the Safebike event had been cancelt.

So we did reload the bikes back on the bus , and headed back to Vienna.




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