Went swimming with EXC

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As for now, I did know this situation only by Youtube. Enduro KEX ist my favorite there. But, naturally every Endurist can do the same 😉

And, so did I.
Thats my chronicle of horror:
Best to start late, and then add:
no planning, where to go,
rather empty fuel tank,
do not turn around with reserve fuel on, and starting dawn, instead travel on,
get “lost” in the neighbor country,
voila, and then only add one simple thing: Don’t cross bridges, which are not ones….
The result:


For hasty ones, skip to the end, after the dive, the GoPro cheased to record

Surprisingly, the Exc did start flawlessly after the half dive. Maybe thanks to my heroic jump into the water to put it upright again. But, my curses could certainly be heart in far away Brno 😉
We managed to get home, finally. The gas tank solely dry innwards, me wet outside completely, and the smell, arghh :-/.

A long hot bath did set the things back to normal….

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