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WIMA Germany, Austria Switzerland Meeting 2020, day 4

Today the getting up is a bit tough, but yesterday it was a bit late. But sitting together in the group is the advantage of the motorcycle tour in the group, after that it is used extensively.

I use my advantage and ride to the ÖAMTC in Spittal to buy the 6 tickets for the Großglockner Alpenstraße in advance. The saving of about 6 € per ticket pays off the small detour. The employee is very happy and despite a few problems with the sales portal I am quickly back on the road.  My chain only rattle, but we have to get through it now. Sprocket and chain will – if they last until then – only be exchanged after the D.A.CH meeting, period.  I had ordered the parts much earlier, but I already knew that anyway: Corona. Yesterday I got to know by SMS: She is here, but unfortunately, unfortunately a few days too late. Now the twisted links of the chain rattle over the grinded teeth, that it is a “joy”.

The fact that I’ve driven almost 4000km since January didn’t help either, but thanks to Corona Lockdowns the country and roads were so empty that driving was a pleasure and the risk of accidents was minimal. The regulation of our federal government was faulty from the beginning and never prohibited motorcycling (no matter for what purpose).

The only thing that made sense in this context was the idea of keeping the hospital system free of additional people who had been involved in accidents. Therefore, more caution was needed, but by no means a ride stop.

My stop is now on a parking lot in the Mölltal, where I wait for the arrival of the rest of the troops, and then (once again) drive through the Mölltal to Winklern. There we refuel and contact Hanna, so that she can guide us to her home on the mountain.

This was a good idea, because I’m not sure if I would find the wonderful way up to Auriach again without a navigation system. Just before the path turns into gravel she drives to a wooden “hut” and we can enjoy the view over Heiligenblut and the Großglockner group.  We also get to know her sister and her – unfortunately – bedridden mother. Hanna’s sister was kind enough to take over the care for today and so Hanna is at our disposal for the further trip. And we also get to know the WIMA-Mobil: A rebuilt firefighter car, which now functions as a motorcycle transporter and camper. Hanna has even installed an automatic loading ramp for the motorcycle.

You notice that she has learned a lot during her past as a truck driver. And when riding a motorcycle she sets a pace that can be called demanding.

We swing our way up to Franz Josefs Hight, turn by turn, past a bunch of waiting cars that have to wait for some kind of block clearance for the last few kilometres up.

Anyway, we park in the first row, enjoy the view, the nice weather, the pleasant temperatures and make a group selfie again..

After that we go down again and onto the Salzburg side. We stop at the Hochtor

and take more pictures, and then we go to the Edelweiss peak. The narrow hairpin bends with cobblestones and steep climbs are some real challenges, but we all arrive safely at the top. Parking is the next challenge then, the parking lots are already very overcrowded, but even that is successful.

It is time for a late lunch break and so we use the inn at the top for a rest.
The plan is to drive to Bruck, and, depending on the driving time, to drive back south again.
But due to an accident (a motorcyclist and cyclist collided somehow) and a resulting mega traffic jam on the ramps heading north, this fails. We turn around and drive back towards Carinthia.

Hanna says bye to us down in the valley and we ride back through the now very, very familiar Mölltal, because above Lienz there are already deep black clouds, back to Gmünd.  And we actually make it back home dry.
In the evening there is a long round again, this time also with the landlady, who as Estonian is also interested in our experiences concerning Estonia.

Route: 260km
Weather: sunny and warm
Traffic: very heavy

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