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Day 15, Wima Rally 2019, 19.08.2019

We had a delay of about 1 hour at the departure in Düsseldorf. This hour has now become 2 ½ hours. Then it takes an eternity until the motorcycles can be unloaded.

With a view to the sky I use the time of inactivity to put on the rain gear. When I get on my bike it starts to drizzle and when I reach the highway it starts to rain

Because I have already lost 2 hours I drive to Wörgl on the motorway. There I turn off into the Brixen Valley and work my way via Kitzbühel and St. Johann (both exceptionally without the obligatory traffic jam) to Saalfelden.
Shortly before that the rain stops and so I can make a short stop at the ÖAMTC practice course.

Petra will have a very hot day here at the end of August, but that’s another story 😉 
I fill up my tank again and then head towards Hochkoenig and Bischofshofen, from there through the Lammertal over the pass Gschütt into the Gosautal valley, which is devastated by heavy rainfalls. So it has been raining here the whole time as well? Or, just like at the moment, once really hard – I will probably never know. One bridge even consists of a pioneer bridge of the Austrian Army, the actual bridge is down in the currently small stream.

The rest of the day is already getting a little shorter and so I decide to continue my journey towards Bad Ischl and Gmunden.
From there on I used the highway again for the last kilometers home.
At about 18:00 I am finally home. It does have 27° and no rain, finally  🙂

Unpacking the bike and a short jump into the shower later, it is time to recapitulate the journey.

In total I have covered a little more than 5500km in 13 days.

13 days, which had rain during or over the whole day.

The average temperature over all days was 14° a little bit fresh, for mid summer and not Scotland 😉

Therefore a quite fresh, but still interesting  experience in England, which makes you want to come back again. (The weather is definitely better then 😉 )

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