Surprise! Glue Psycho

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Surprise! I felt sheer happiness as I, standing with an empty gas tank at the gas station, had to recognise, that my tank lock had been glued. 🙁
Obviously not at home, as the bikes of my boys were completely unharmed, as I found out later.
So, it must have happened somewhere else. But with 400km on one tank fill, its hard to say where it might have happened.

Needless to say, that I tried to get this fixed at site, and, thanks to regulary maintenance, some thin oil film prevented the glue to completely stuck with the lock.
I took my emergency tool – swiss knife – out and started to remove the layers around and within the lock.

IMG_20160820_082903274And after approx 1 hour I managed to turn the lock again under some strain.

I filled up the gas for the minimum and then returned home for further repairs, without closing the lock completely.
IMG_20160820_150713At home I removed the lock and disassembled it as much as possible. Then I bathed it in acteon and with this I got rid of the remnants of the glue.
For restoring it completly I treated it with WD 40 Oil and graphite powder, now it works like a charm.
Even better than before. 🙂

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