Erzbergrodeo, last day

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And, once again. This is our last day at the Iron Giant.

The only thing to do is to put all our wet stuff into the sun, do our final breakfast , look after the devastations all around and finally pack everthing together and move on.
Exact at the time of the HAre Scramble start we sneak out of the camp and leave the area over the rear entrance, avoiding the massed crowed on the hot streets. We speed home, and arrive right in time to see Graham Jarvis winning the race. Congratulations, he is really unbelievable!
There is still time to see the enthralling race through Lazy Noon for the following riders, totally worth it not to miss.
Why we are not at site, you might ask?

The tribune is already overcrowded, visiting one station means, not seeing others and finally, Junior has to regain lost hours with schools, as he has to prepare for some tests in the following week.

Some records from the Life streams:

Hare Scramble 2016

Broadcast 1

Broadcast 2

Full Stream recorded

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