Wheelies, or so

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as sayed. After the Erzberg is before the Erzberg.
Thats why there is no interuption in Training, this even more, as I really have noticed how much I am behind in technics and condition.
So, new targets required.
First of all: The deathslope!
Naturally its not deadly at all, but 20 years ago, before shutting down the race track in the neighbor village, it has been called this way. Certainly for reasons!  😉
That is why I have chossen it as my new training target. At the moment only 2/3 of the way up is the limit, and the really steep part still upfront.  :-/
Why have I chosen this slope?

  • Particulary bad entry , no speed accumulation in advance possible.
  • A few bushes and young trees in the slope – simulating obstacles as e.g riders, etc…  😉
  • soft clay bottom, very low grip
  • progressive raising of slope, it starts medium and finalizes very steep.

I will publish pictures of the slope the next time, at the moment i am still working on getting my breath back, after Erzberg.  😉

For relaxation i have added another point:

Best of so far :

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Video-Link: http://youtu.be/FtAaID_mUHM


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