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Hi, i did spent the last two hours collecting a list of possible trainings and events, my WIMA colleagues and I can participate next year. here is the result:

Safebike (gratis), 2 Blöcke – Frühjahr und Herbst
Offerd from the municipality of Vienna, not only for citizens, takes place at the Fahrsicherheitszentrum Pachfurth (Bruck/Leitha) .

it’s completely free, groups are possible to attend.
the training covers all basics but spiced up with a sliding plate for motorbikes! and, with next year, a Wheelie Trainer (ab 2016), all covered by exotic trainers from the realm who are reliably a surprise.
learned everytime something new, and, as the tarmac is very good, nice for lean angle training, too!

VfV  (eine Spende) Termine ab März

Offers ladies day, basic and perfection trainings
had all of them, already,
as a bonus, ladies day training covers the reerection of a fallen bike, otherwise its the same as the basic training, only with women at site.
Perfection is a slightly enhanced training, should be possible or all of us to cover it too. trial is interesting, as it is more chalenging as it would look from the first view. But it is really exhausting to stay on the bike and needs alot of concentration too.

The tarmac isn’t better then out on the street, so its a bit more challeging in the small corner, but, hell, where do you get the possible to rush a white mice (Nick for the Austrian Motorbike Police Forces) 😉

Does offer more then one type of training, they are all with costs, members receive reductions up to 30,- €)
Tarmac is perfect, the Go Kart Track superb, a good chance to reduce the bank sensor a little bit  😉

Winter warm up  (89,- €)    ab 1.4. 2016
The chepest way to join the training , starts with every seaso, small number of trainings

Aktiv Training  (210,- €)   ab 1.4. 2016, geht über die gesamte Saison
All in one training. for all necessary basics.

Dynamik Training (210,- €)  ab dem 5.4.2016
For the faster ones , nice way to narrow the  secure border zone .

Drift Hallentraining (299,-€)
haven#t had this yet, but look like fun to me  🙂

1000PS Gripparty (von 80,- bis 250,- € – April bis September 2016)
racetraining on a race track (Wachauring, Brünn, Pannoniaring, Red Bull Ring, Slowakiaring)

Its possible for all motorbikes to participate never had it before. for me, it is a must to attend one in 2016

Ladies Special  (169,- €) inkl. Leihmotorrad und Ausrüstung  (Juni – August 2016)
For all, who want to start with some Enduro experience, everything included.

They offer Enduro tours through turkey too…

Visit the Erzbergrodeo (Daily ticket 30,- €),

Full program, with heat and dust, or rain and cold, it depends    😉

Tagesausflüge  (ausgeborgt  ;-))

up to 600km, at the weekends,

Lets visit some motorbike fairs?  (zB. Bike Tulln 2017, Bike-Linz 2016), etc….

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