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What a weekend!

OMG, what a weekend! Like heaven! At saturday enduro riding under beautiful weather conditions, and on sunday the big event: The austrians motorcycle magazines Ladies Camp!

The organizers were really brave to risk such an event without any former experience how many girls would join such a call. But we all got surprised. The official review (only in german) can you find here: LadiesCamp Report at the Motorrad Magazin.

200 girls followed the call und enjoyed the 2 days full program at the Wachauring in lower Austria.






The event covered

  • Testdrive with testbikes from Yamaha, Harley, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Ducati – in sum 45 motorcycles which were always booked out, all together they were driven for over 9000 km over the two days, according to the organisers.

IMG_20160703_112148098IMG_20160703_112137421 IMG_20160703_112142900 IMG_20160703_112116158 IMG_20160703_112200087 IMG_20160703_112052728










As different, as all the bikes were, each of them had something to experience.  Especially the   Superduke 1290 was quite an unusal bike for me.  Driving a bike, in 2nd gear, over open roads, slightly with overspeed, was some kind of experience.   ;-).

For the Yamaha MT 09 and the Suzuki SV , all of them showed an agile performance on the road and were a pleasure to ride . As for the  Husquarna 701 SM, I must confess, it was kind of agressive in the bends, I really got afraid to probe more than necessary.

An opposite experience would be the Honda African Twin, like a sofa during the ride and easy to handle even standing on the footpegs.

The KTM Duke 690 had no great surprises, it was a fitting road for her, so we went along the round trip in a “pleasant” way.

  • Safe driving lessons with small bends and high speed braking IMG_20160703_124011143




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  • Small bends training







  • race track

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I never thought, that I would like to race on a track, but this was kind of real fun!  I wonder, how low I could really go with the Versys?  😉
And, unfortunatelly Margot had been in a different group, so, we still do not know …….  😉


  • Funpark (with Supermoto, Flatracer, Drift-Trike, Mini Bikes, etc…)

LadiesCamp Ext 025 IMG_7594 IMG_7546






As you can See, the Husquarna 01 Sm, is quite a different bike on the track. With more trust in the tarmac, its quite more fun to drive along. It’s hard to stop after some rounds and change the bike….

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  • Trial and Enduro Training

IMG_20160703_164957519_HDR LadiesCamp Ext 027







At least, I had some experience here already. So this was the relaxing part.

  • Workshop with preparations for a motorcycle journey, and to proper adjusting your fork and suspension

IMG_20160703_121645221_HDR IMG_20160703_121624019Finally I learned something about the proper adjustment, the Guy from WP was able to explain it in such an understanding way, so even I could follow. Will try it on the EXC first.





The whole event was in such a pleasant mood , the 9 hours we spent there went by as one. It was and still is a real gem.
Thanks to the very positiveafterwards response, the organizers already announced that the event will be repeated in 2017! 🙂

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For me, as I wasn’t shure if I would like to race, I experiences so much fun at thr track, I certainly will go for a race training again. 🙂

For the way back home I choose the route through the Wachau valley and as the weather was fine in the evening too, it was a really plesant finish of this splendid weekend.

IMG_20160703_184402660_HDR IMG_20160703_183050152








Photo copyright with :  Anna-Larissa Redinger, Herwig Peuker und Versya

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