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Day 10 Wima Rally 2019

Heavy rainfall and wind are the order of the day. Therefore breakfast is used to make the plan for the day. Hanna and I hike to Castleton to do some shopping (souvenir), but also to complete some questions of the Treasure Hunt. As the place is definitely manageable, we stay a little longer at the Peak District Visitor Center, which also contains a museum that shows a little bit of the history of the area since the Stone Age. Further on we go to the caverns .

One that is navigated by boat (Speedwell) and one that houses a rope factory (Peak).  Ulli buys even  a hemp rope there!  Then we buy a few souvenirs on the way back and then the bad weather drives us back to our quarters.

Since tomorrow is the Rally Parade, I try to mount the flags. Of course the rain becomes unexpectedly heavy again in the middle of the assembly and I come back soaking wet despite only a short stay in the rain. Therefore I look for my towel in my room and can’t find it. Hmmm, I showered yesterday and then hung it up, but where? OMG, at the window!  But it’s not there anymore?

When I look out the window, I see it. The towel is underneath the window at the footbridge for the emergency exit, of course in full rain.  I fetch  it back in through the window, wring out the dripping towel in the shower and hang it up in the room.

Afterwards it’s time to update the diary, plan the return route to Belgium and read a little bit in a book.  The first time since France!

For dinner we go back to Castleton, where we have dinner at the St. George Pub.
Pizza (gluten-free) + steak + pie + vegetable lasagna, as well as lots of Black Sheep are on the program.
After our return we sat together in the warm fireplace room for a long time to listen to anecdotes from the prehistoric times of Wima-Austria (now more than 20 years ago).

At 0:00 am it is finally over and night rest.

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