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German-Austrian-Swiss meeting – Day 2

Breakfast at 8:00, the whole hall is ours.

What we already noticed yesterday: The hotel and the ballroom are definitely able to accommodate a larger DACH group. The whole host family is from Estonia, and our Estonia stickers on their suitcases did not go unnoticed.

The only annoying thing are the “tuned” mopeds of the youngsters, who have their own back room in the pizzeria and come and go with gas taps on the stop. I think wasps, Elsbeth called them.

In view of the current noise restrictions (95 dB stand noise bans in Tyrol), we have moved our accommodation from Tyrol to Carinthia in protest. The question is, how long will the other federal states be open to us motorcyclists?

It is always the same: A few black sheep can harm an entire group. And that in more ways than one.

Back to breakfast: There is a good selection, many very sweet things – Estonia probably makes its mark here with its hearty dishes – but e.g. the rhubarb – semolina – pudding – cake is recommendable. Traffic jams are actually only in front of the coffee machine, tea is a natural part of traffic jams.

Our departure was planned at 9:00 am, but actually we get on our motorbikes only after 9:30 am. This would have been time for Karin to arrive directly. But, as she joined us last night, she spontaneously decided to stay overnight in the hotel and accompany us today. We are now on our way. We choose the more beautiful but longer route through the Mölltal, then cross Lienz and climb the Pustertaler Höhenstraße.

This is characterised by its narrow paths along the steep mountain slope. Always with a view into the “abyss” of the Pustertal Valley and the opposite slopes of the Gailtal Alps.

Just before the Itaian border, before Silian, we turn into the Lesach Valley, pass a few strolling tourists on the first hairpin bends to enter the valley and enjoy the view of the northern flank of the Dolomites and the small houses in the valley.

So we drive to Maria Luggeg, where we find a shady place in an inn, below the picturesque pilgrimage church. We just have a snack, a drink and continue our winding ride over the Windische Höhe (here with a few raindrops), past the turnoff to Lake Weissensee and at the next opportunity we refuel.

As there is still day left, we decide to pass the hotel and drive to the end of the Maltatal to the toll Kölbreinsperre.

Before the traffic light of the first tunnel a queue has already formed, of course we drive to the front and wait there for green.

When the traffic light turns yellow, a local Superduke driver actually snakes past me to the front. Well, that’s all he needed!

Up to the last tunnel I rush him through the hairpin bends. I am so concentrated that I don’t even notice that there is a second 790 Duke driver, also playing here 😉

For the last kilometre, the driver of the Superduke would even let me go ahead, but I thankfully decline and wait for the rest of the group.

Remember, never underestimate the voodoo of a Versys: likes curvy roads, maaan.

We park ourselves right in front of the impressive dam, let the drone fly a little and even dare to climb onto the grid platform that juts out of the dam at a height of about 200m. Surprisingly there is no feeling of dizziness at all, the height might be too abstract.

We take a lot of pictures, use the selfie machine and drive down into the valley to Gmünd. It’s good to know that the dam with its 200 million m³ of water is well monitored, we sleep exactly where the water would flow through in the event of a dam burst.

In Gmünd we go to the petrol station. Average consumption on today’s 330km is less than 4l!

So too much strolling 😉

The evening ends in a cosy round table chat,

Since Renate wants to learn how to retighten her chain, we start with the training. And, of course, it starts raining in the middle of it, but of course we finish it. Afterwards we take a shower and enjoy the evening in the round. The village youth are celebrating again.

Weather 16-20° sun, short raindrops

distance: 330km

Moderate traffic

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