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Sunny sunday Flip

It is hot, veery hot!

Clear thinking people would choose to go swimming, or settle near an ice-cream parlour.

Clear thinking people? OK, this excludes me, obviously. What did we do? Naturally an enduro training in the wild! FabPlayer_[20160829-223646-291]

And what happens, if the brain gets boiled beneath the helmet, you can watch here -> FabPlayer_[20160829-223714-141]




Thanks to our camel-backs it was nearly bearable, but the whole protector equip, despite very necessary in such situations was still to hot. ….,

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Ah, did I mention my fall into the dog roses? ……. ooops, I hadn’t the intention to mention that, sorry!! please forget, that I have said such …. ­čśë

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  1. Heckenrosen ? Hatte ich noch nicht – wonach duften die denn ?
    Brennesseln riechen irgendwie nach Spinat … ;-}

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