Ralley? Queen!

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OMG, I did watch all episodes from Servus.TV (Red Bull TV) , as Tobias Moretti and Gregor Bloeb (both, famous austrian actors) went for the Dakar (African Eco Race) .

Big cinema !![:]And now, NOW!!!  Elite Racing wants to take a woman on the same tour, meaning Training, equip and participation will be sponsored. It’s a must, I will have to apply for this…..

Ralley Queen

So, I did apply an surprise, someone called back.  unfortunately not so good news.
Well very interesting profile, but less experience within offroad, as it happens, he is right, but… i want to go so terribly…  🙁

Compared to my competitors, I am really a bloody rookie, the lsit is like a who is who of the female european offroad scene, therefore: Thumps up for who ever might be the winner, as it is an female for sure  🙂 and maybe, its at least an austrian woman selected?  *dumbs*

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