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losing streak

Although I do not have a spare part yet, that did not prevent me to start the dismantling of the Versys already


And, of course, there was another unpleasant surprise:

The ram for the brake piston of the rear brake cylinder is bent, of course it must be so.
So, I did order this part too…


And because this is not enough, a new construction site opened, too:

The battery of the transporter has shown the first signs of weakness lately. Yesterday it has completely failed.

The idea was actually quite simple,

drive another car close by, attach the starter cable, start the engine, and go to the battery dealer for a replacement.

Really quite simple, but: Junior was probably so focused on his task, that he simply miscalculated.

The result is probably the most expensive car batterie exchange in history:

OMG! is it possible, since the end of December I am not coming out of the workshop?

Black & White

Since our WIMA wine county tour, M. and I are determined to go on a one day ride somewhere within Austria.

It wasn’t easy to schedule a common date, but – and this is a big BUT – in the meantime she bought a Versys too. A cute 2010 model in white. She did pimp it a little bit (lower gel seat, rim stripes, etc..)
I must say, I never thought a white bike could look so cool!

Ok, but now there has to be a date, such an opportunity couldn’t be missed.

Finally, we found one! And as I like to have a mot(t)o for a ride, and our bikes are black & white we decided to name it: WIMA Black&White Ride.  YES!!
And, we event took it further, as M dressed up in her new leather racing gear b/w, and me dressed in my completely black standard leather riding gear.


Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

After our separate approach to the meeting point in Krems, we met right at the point at 9:30.
We first filled up our tanks buw11and headed over the Danube to the Dunkelsteiner Wald and through Loosdorf we entered the pre Alps region in a very short time. We had choosen narrow winding roads, but they were built for our bikes and so, kilometres went by very fast. Traffic was low at this time of the day, so we went on flying over the route through Mank, Wastl/Wald, Scheibbs, Puchenstuben, Erlaufsee, Göstling, Weyer, St. Gallen and finally Admont.

We had decided to stop only if necessary to cherish the riding to the max, but unfortunately close to Mariazell we were stopped in a police motorcycle mass control. buw10

So we had time to refresh our water level and walk a little bit, while we were spectators to the drama unfolding. Some manipulated mufflers, wrong mounted licence plates, run down tires, etc…  later we had the pleasure to be next in the queue.
We were glad to hear, that our bikes were in a completely certified state, and so we were allowed to  proceed shortly afterwards without any penalties.
No surprise there, as our Versys are built for this type of Austrian roads, why should we tune them?  😉




On the way down south we met a lot of motorbike riders and –groups, and, as it come, we had the opportunity to overtake quite all of them. As one of our famous motorcycle magazines in Austria like to call it: We judged them….

On the other hand, the opposite only happened once, or twice, if I count the two male riders each (licence marked with W and BA) overtaking us – and the car column in front of us – within a hairpin bend , admist heavy rain, and opposite traffic, at the steep roads of  Josefsberg.

Thanks, but that’s not even my stile….., I pass for good and overtake later. (for sure  😉  )

But,  its their life, so let’s proceed with the report:
At our arrival in Admont (a little after noon) the small town was crowded with bikes from all over Austria. So we went in a small aside restaurant without garden seats to rest a little bit, before we would head back.

This was fortunate, as shortly after heavy rain started to fall and we had time to lunch and talk a lot.

After some time, we wanted to start the engines again, to proceed with our return leg, but the rain was still pouring down, so we had to put on our rain gear and after paying for the meal and drinks we mounted our bikes once again and started our return journey.

It started close to Admont with the Gesäuse, a narrow road between tall mountains, winding along the stone walls and over bridges. As this road is operated under bad weather conditions, the tarmac wasn’t too good at all, and the wet surface did even worsen it.
So we slowed down a little bit until the rain started to cease more and more. As it was still hot, the road soon tried and we, once again, proceeded with our standard speed back to Mariazell.

buw6swUnfortunately parts of the leg were torn up for repairs and therefore only gravel roads, but, at least, thanks to the rain, it wasn’t dusty at all and so we could experience Australian road feeling admits Austria  😉

buw4 buw5


We arrived in Mariazell in heavy rain, the gas station was already crowded with Bikers seeking shelter under the roof, and for the first time refilled our gas.
It was strange, that my old Versys took 12.5 litres and M’s Versys, despite a quite younger model, needed 14.2 litres for the same leg. I suppose it’s due to my bigger wind screen, but otherwise this wouldn’t be logical, wouldn’t it?

This means calculated 5.3l for 100km, not to bad considering our pace and more than 10000m up and down during our 300km trip so far.
Together we went on, with increasing homing car traffic – the bikes where more or less all gone. We had a few kilomters on the same track, we rode before on our south leg, but soon the tracks seperated again and we went on over Annaberg and the nice hairpin bends on the up and even more at the down part, but unfortunately again in heavy rain and car columns in front of us.

At one of the last bends there was an unfortunate Gold Wing Biker surrounded by police, fire squad and ambulance who seemed to be injured as his bike laid aside the tarmac out of the bend. Yes, the roads were very slippery there. Best wishes from us!

At the end of the downhill section, we managed to overtake the cars in front of us, and proceed again in a faster pace back to Lilienfeld (were the rain stopped finally) further on to Traisen, were we parted. M to the North and me to the East.

As the sun already started to set, it was time to check out a new app I found recently:  Calimoto. it promises to find as much as possible curves on a leg between A to B and that was, what I needed now.  Still approx 60km to go, so lets see.


buw3As it found a really nice and winding route back home, I think I will try it on a longer route too, next time.


Maybe together with the other two Versys from WIMA?

Not in black&white then, but colorful could be fun too, don’t you think? 😉


Surprise! Glue Psycho

Surprise! I felt sheer happiness as I, standing with an empty gas tank at the gas station, had to recognise, that my tank lock had been glued. 🙁
Obviously not at home, as the bikes of my boys were completely unharmed, as I found out later.
So, it must have happened somewhere else. But with 400km on one tank fill, its hard to say where it might have happened.

Needless to say, that I tried to get this fixed at site, and, thanks to regulary maintenance, some thin oil film prevented the glue to completely stuck with the lock.
I took my emergency tool – swiss knife – out and started to remove the layers around and within the lock.

IMG_20160820_082903274And after approx 1 hour I managed to turn the lock again under some strain.

I filled up the gas for the minimum and then returned home for further repairs, without closing the lock completely.
IMG_20160820_150713At home I removed the lock and disassembled it as much as possible. Then I bathed it in acteon and with this I got rid of the remnants of the glue.
For restoring it completly I treated it with WD 40 Oil and graphite powder, now it works like a charm.
Even better than before. 🙂

Reifen Check

IMG_20160417_135600774_HDRFor some time, I do have the feeling, my front tire isn’t round anymore, you know the feeling right?
So I did a check, and surprise, it seems its life span is over.

Strange, its only on the side flanks, the straight running surface is still in a very good condition, and the outmost flanks too. ..

As it seems, I do drive a lot of curves, but not with to much angle … -> thats something that must change  🙂




IMG_20160416_142048682Despite this finding, its at least dry, a short trip to the first hills around Vienna.

Seasonstart with Junior

Totally unplaned, first Season opening with Junior and his Duke 390.
We startet with 14° temperature and finished our tour approx 4 hours later at approx. 7 brrr centigrates .
And, big achievement, he now does have 1000km on his speedo.

on our way, I had my first police stop with the motorbike!!! :-/ , totally wrong.., had nothing done

Our revenge: 🙂

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

At least some real fun … 😉

Comfort and protection

As it seems, my seat cover did let water through – and not a wee bit.
The foam beneath was rotten in some parts and it is geting harder too. As I intend to join a bike marathon this summer, I pondered, if some repairs, combined with some enhancements wouldn’t be a bad idea?

After second thought and some youtube videos later 😉  I decided to go for it.

I ordered the necessary materials, and yes, I also added a gel pad and an additional layer :-0
– As it seems, not even a Versys can match my high  😛

Next step will probably be a seat heating. At least I will try to adopt one.
I already do have a car seat heat, maybe I can make it fit?
And then, a final cover layer for the overall area.

Hmmm, the finish is still to decide.
Will I go for the orginal cover (a new one), or something quite different? Still looking….


More to come…..

Motorrad Parade

As there was some time:

IMG_20151116_Bike Parade slall our bikes groupped together, except one:

Husky FE 350As it happens its at the inspection at the moment, but will join us again soon  😉

1000PS regulars table

I had some time on my way to the 1000ps monthly meeting, so I decided to capture the evening light.

DSC_0028_b Short stop on Rechsbrücke to capture the sun set

Female Ride Day

Today is the female Female Ride Day.
The name is programm, today, every motorcycling woman should go on Tour.

2015-05-03 00_30_42-IFRDDespite moderate weather I ventured out .




2015-05-03 01_08_16-IFRD Speed


As there was not to much traffic, the tour did allow a moderate travel speed overall.
2015-05-03_15-24-38_951Half trough the trip I did stop in carnuntum, to visit the roman ruins.


It was a very nice tour, in company it would have been even nicer.
But next time it will work out.  🙂


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