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Hot, hotter, Ladiescamp

For the 4th time, the meanwhile well established Ladiescamp, founded by the motorcycle magazine Austria, took place, on the last June/July weekend The venue: The Wachauring in Melk, which houses the Supermoto race track as well as the ÖAMTC’s driving technology centre. The participants: Female Motorcyclists from Austria and Germany, who have not shied away from the sometimes long journey (Tyrol, Carinthia, Frankfurt). And so, once again, both days were fully booked with 100 participants each.  

It is always a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the participants. In the murderous heat on both days (somewhere between 39° and 41°, and that in full motorcycle protective clothing, it was impressively shown who the weaker sex really is. 😉    

The Ladiescamp 2019 had the following stations to offer for us:

– Braking and cornering technique incl. elimination for the competition “Austria’s safest motorcyclist”.

– Fun Park and Track Race sniffing

– short laps with exotic vehicles

– Travel and Safety Clothing Workshop

– Trial and Offroad

– Picking up and manoeuvring a motorcycle

– racetrack

– and, the very special extra goodie: test driving current motorcycle models in the near surroundings (unfortunately again without Triumph, Aprilia and this time also Harley Davidson)

The build up was already on Friday,  I was of course on site again to help out a little,
and the Wima-Austria and the WRWR banner were prominently placed. 

The weather forecast for both days was fantastic, almost too fantastic. On Saturday it was 38° and on Sunday the temperature reached a fabulous 41°, on an asphalted terrain, no shadows. The motorcycle outfit, it couldn’t be that thin that day.

The Ladiescamp is rich in various stations, and this time it was also enthusiastically taken up by the participants. It was uncanny how much energy, fun and joy could be seen throughout the day. In the evening there were the first signs of fatigue here and there, but the majority remained upright until the last station.

Fantastic result of the 2nd day: Petra Oberger, won the preliminaries for the competition of Austria’s safest motorcyclist and will participate in the finals at the end of August! The rest of us, will cherish our experiences and are already looking forward to next year.

Cold(5°), Foggy, green party, traffic restrictions -> Fun!

Its getting cold, so I bought the long missing chin part of my helmet .

It seems, i removed the chin cover during summer and displaced it somewhere,  but  it is really needed now.

And, as I am still cold and I wanted to protest against the ridiculous traffic restrictions of our green party in Vienna , I exercised some warm up training at a very special place  🙂

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Ladiescamp 2017

In July 2016 the first Ladiescamp event, organized by the Austrian motorcycle magazine, took place. The event became a success and so it was almost natural that on 2nd July, 6 Wima girls met in Melk, or more precisely at Wachauring, to participate in the motorcycle magazine Ladiescamp 2017.

As the first time, in 2016, 100 women met on this day to take a close look at the many stations and test vehicles.
On the basis of the feedback on the preceeding event there were a few minor changes to the program as well as the content of the modules. And, due to the success, even more manufacturers were at site, which provided their bikes for test drives.

The arrival was not necessarily pleasant due to the very humid and cool weather, thankfully the weather situation improved rapidly and the routes were almost dry until the first drive.

All Wima’s had registered for a group and so we went through one station after the other together.
Our group was the red one, and our program ->

We started with the bike test runs, which were twice as long as last year.

This allowed us to test a large number of vehicles in succession.
This comparison option is unique because of the number of manufacturers available at site, similar models are available and the direct comparison is even more intense with an immediate change.

As each one of us has a different taste and driving style, there were in the end also quite different favorites, which we had picked. My top favorits are: The Triumph Street Triple RS and the Yamaha Tracer 900, both surprisingly smooth to handle on the road and a lot of punch if necessary.  🙂
Lottery price needed!!

The next program point was driving safety.
Brake and curve technology. Specifically, cornering technology is a challenging station, but a very well preparation on mountain bends.

Margot and I used the roundabout to a footrest scratching “chase” of our two Versys. The others did not want to exaggerate it, but the circle was successfully completed by all of us.



The break time was used to get in touch with other women, and Su was diligently spreading our visit cards among the people.
It was exhilarating to hear the good mood and the many opinions on the already completed stations.

The break is used at the Ladiescamp, too, for two different groups alternating on the SuperMoto circuit for some race experience and after a while, it was the red groups turn to start the engines.

As usual, the Supermoto professionals Kim and Steffi were on the road to set the line and the speed. And that was very challenging right from the start.

Our small group, however, stayed with us bravely and so we were glad again, after 10min when the first change took place, so that we could a little breathe. A little irritating (turning the view direction to 😉 ) were the photographers who were always placed in strategically good places, but what does woman do, for great photos in slanting position?

The next program step followed immediately: Fun-Experience.
Here are partly exotic vehicles from different displacement classes in use, simply so that woman can try these once synonymous.
In everyday life they are likely to be used less frequently.

Afterwards, two theoretical lectures on the subject of motorcycle travel, safe clothing and hearing protection (as an advertising event, but with expert information)

The two modules were completed:

Offroad, with the Trialmaschine driving between huts standing, over artificial obstacles the machine trustworthy over it, and a short trip into the adjoining terrain with “Steilauffahrt”: -o

And shunting, as well as lifting the machine.
Where many of us were troubled, I took the machine and threw it on the other side with full  elan: oops:

Then, this long and exhausting day was already over again.
Just right, because on the horizon the next thunderclouds emerged on time, which developed again during the course of the return trip to a rainfall. Still, the grin remained in the face. 🙂

Drift training

As promised, here is the summary of  our drift training.

As this was a gift for Juniors birthday too, he is in the movie too. 🙂

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As always, not without an accident   😉

In the aftermath, 8 days later, I still have a aching parts at my shin, if i touch them accidentally it still hurts a lot.
Additionally the foot is swollen and covered with bruises. I have to rest him high or keep in movement so he will not swell more.

Next time I will equip myself with shin guards, for sure… 🙂

One of our Austrian Online Magazines – 1000PS – testet it too:
Thats their experience, on video:

Indoor drift training

Only a short teaser of my yesterdays indoor drift training,  🙂

more to come in one of my next posts.

As the last time, it was a tough training and required a lot of stamina – ouch, my muscles are really, really sore now – to handle the small bikes over the lenght and bends of the Go Cart circuit.


As usually, I didn’t finish, without an accident.

In my last round – now knowing what I could do 😉  – I might have tried it a little bit to much. Just a little bit. 😉
Unfortunatelly there was a steel beam just in my escape way – OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHH,  that was hard.

Fortunatelly the gear worked, but excactly at the gap between knee- and shoe protectors the edge of the beam found the way to my bones.

But, hey! Versya’s bones are even stronger then steel, so it seems!
I only do have bad bruises and a contusion at my right shin. Totally worth it  😉

Video of the training, chases with my Junior and others, as well as the accident will follow, I promise!  but for know I have to go easy for some time, you know…..

Sunny sunday Flip

It is hot, veery hot!

Clear thinking people would choose to go swimming, or settle near an ice-cream parlour.

Clear thinking people? OK, this excludes me, obviously. What did we do? Naturally an enduro training in the wild! FabPlayer_[20160829-223646-291]

And what happens, if the brain gets boiled beneath the helmet, you can watch here -> FabPlayer_[20160829-223714-141]




Thanks to our camel-backs it was nearly bearable, but the whole protector equip, despite very necessary in such situations was still to hot. ….,

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Ah, did I mention my fall into the dog roses? ……. ooops, I hadn’t the intention to mention that, sorry!! please forget, that I have said such …. 😉

Sunday Training

As on every sunday, we did our training rounds with our enduros.

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

And, as always, not without a small accident 😉

But it was a really promising day, just did my first real wheelies, managed to keep all slopes tackled, and found new challenges on our training ground (an old clay pit, already bewildered)

PS: As it isn’t translated in the video, it was a stuffed muffler, from the first crash


What a weekend!

OMG, what a weekend! Like heaven! At saturday enduro riding under beautiful weather conditions, and on sunday the big event: The austrians motorcycle magazines Ladies Camp!

The organizers were really brave to risk such an event without any former experience how many girls would join such a call. But we all got surprised. The official review (only in german) can you find here: LadiesCamp Report at the Motorrad Magazin.

200 girls followed the call und enjoyed the 2 days full program at the Wachauring in lower Austria.






The event covered

  • Testdrive with testbikes from Yamaha, Harley, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Ducati – in sum 45 motorcycles which were always booked out, all together they were driven for over 9000 km over the two days, according to the organisers.

IMG_20160703_112148098IMG_20160703_112137421 IMG_20160703_112142900 IMG_20160703_112116158 IMG_20160703_112200087 IMG_20160703_112052728










As different, as all the bikes were, each of them had something to experience.  Especially the   Superduke 1290 was quite an unusal bike for me.  Driving a bike, in 2nd gear, over open roads, slightly with overspeed, was some kind of experience.   ;-).

For the Yamaha MT 09 and the Suzuki SV , all of them showed an agile performance on the road and were a pleasure to ride . As for the  Husquarna 701 SM, I must confess, it was kind of agressive in the bends, I really got afraid to probe more than necessary.

An opposite experience would be the Honda African Twin, like a sofa during the ride and easy to handle even standing on the footpegs.

The KTM Duke 690 had no great surprises, it was a fitting road for her, so we went along the round trip in a “pleasant” way.

  • Safe driving lessons with small bends and high speed braking IMG_20160703_124011143




Please activate JavaScript to view this video.
  • Small bends training







  • race track
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I never thought, that I would like to race on a track, but this was kind of real fun!  I wonder, how low I could really go with the Versys?  😉
And, unfortunatelly Margot had been in a different group, so, we still do not know …….  😉


  • Funpark (with Supermoto, Flatracer, Drift-Trike, Mini Bikes, etc…)

LadiesCamp Ext 025 IMG_7594 IMG_7546






As you can See, the Husquarna 01 Sm, is quite a different bike on the track. With more trust in the tarmac, its quite more fun to drive along. It’s hard to stop after some rounds and change the bike….

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  • Trial and Enduro Training

IMG_20160703_164957519_HDR LadiesCamp Ext 027







At least, I had some experience here already. So this was the relaxing part.

  • Workshop with preparations for a motorcycle journey, and to proper adjusting your fork and suspension

IMG_20160703_121645221_HDR IMG_20160703_121624019Finally I learned something about the proper adjustment, the Guy from WP was able to explain it in such an understanding way, so even I could follow. Will try it on the EXC first.





The whole event was in such a pleasant mood , the 9 hours we spent there went by as one. It was and still is a real gem.
Thanks to the very positiveafterwards response, the organizers already announced that the event will be repeated in 2017! 🙂

For me, as I wasn’t shure if I would like to race, I experiences so much fun at thr track, I certainly will go for a race training again. 🙂

For the way back home I choose the route through the Wachau valley and as the weather was fine in the evening too, it was a really plesant finish of this splendid weekend.

IMG_20160703_184402660_HDR IMG_20160703_183050152








Photo copyright with :  Anna-Larissa Redinger, Herwig Peuker und Versya

Juniors last pre Erzberg training

We did a fork service on the Husaberg last week. On saturday, Junior did experience a very hard fork and so he skipped our training in wöllersdorf completely. 🙁
In the meantime we did rebalance the fork and today I fetched him from school and we hurried to Wöllersdorf. 20min up to closing of the track, we arrived at the site, quickly unloaded the Husky and he did 5 fast rounds to check the setting. .-/

Luckily he was very satisfied with the actual setting, so we stopped right in time to load up the bike and leave the site before closing. 😉

last training round, pre EBR

Last chance to train the reflexes.

Did a race against my self, the outcome, lets see  😉

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The small picture is from today

Only 4 Days to the EBR, I am ready 🙂

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