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Up and down, there and back

Today, it was a beutiful, sunny day.

Perfekt conditions for an enduro tour, but unfortunately my schedules for today told me otherwise.

Novy Prerov smallSo, at least, I managed to ride my bike for a few hours along the czech border and




Gorilla Tripodtry some positions with my gorilla camera tripod

Enduro Action small






Equiped with two cameras, I tried a new approach from a different angle:

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A little bit risky to have the cameras right there in the field, but luckily no other bikers, peasants there┬á ­čśë
Wonderful weather, hopefully there are more to such days to come.


After season

Weather is fine,
so, whats more logical then to do an off season trip to Mariazell?┬á ­čśë

Tour MariazellAs we drove along, we didn’t meet to much other motorcycles, so we decided to approach the Kalte Kuchl, a famous biker stop.

Yet, it was closed and only a view other bikers were there per accident.


So we went further on, not only to experience over the Ox some kind of a chase with the earlier bikers from the Kalte Kuchl. As expected, the smaller bikes won┬á ­čśë





IMG_20151112_124642595_HDRAnd so, we went on to Mariazell to arrive there in the pre Christmas preparations at the main road.

Female Ride Day

Today is the female Female Ride Day.
The name is programm, today, every motorcycling woman should go on Tour.

2015-05-03 00_30_42-IFRDDespite moderate weather I ventured out .




2015-05-03 01_08_16-IFRD Speed


As there was not to much traffic, the tour did allow a moderate travel speed overall.
2015-05-03_15-24-38_951Half trough the trip I did stop in carnuntum, to visit the roman ruins.


It was a very nice tour, in company it would have been even nicer.
But next time it will work out.┬á ­čÖé


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