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Headache Tour

There’s only two of us this time.

Carmen and I, so it’s probably a good match.
We don’t have much time either, after all it is already 11am, when we start from Vienna and we want to ride to Grein for an ice cream, and we want to be home again before dark.
Grein is only 140 km away from Vienna, so where is the problem, you might ask?The “problem” is actually only the number of bends we want to master.
For this we have chosen a relatively spurned area. This guarantees: few cars, few motorcyclists (until the final) and therefore unlikely: police officers on the lookout.

In short, our plan works, we make almost undisturbed progress on winding roads, and the last straight stretch of road, the Mautener Donaubrücke, has been behind us for a while.
The sky is cloudy, the temperature is more fresh than pleasant, a little more layers of cloth wouldn’t be bad now, and we’re heading for the ice cream cup!?

Thank God this will change as soon as we move from Lower Austria to Upper Austria. Suddenly it becomes brighter and much warmer. Ice cream here we come!

But, first we do stop a the bear rescue center in Arbestal.

The last part of St. Georgen am Walde is a bit notorious with bikers, so this stretch is limited to 70km/h for motorcyclists. Even if we wouldn’t drive the great corners much faster anyway, this is another senseless action, just because a few madmen with noisy pipes and knees on the ground probably drove too much up and down here.
No matter, as said, we are not much faster anyway and therefore we head south to the Danube and Grein for the last 35 km.
In Grein itself the popular pastry shop is already completely overcrowded, several dozen motorcycles are parked in front of the house, but we get a place with a view of the Danube.
The ice cream is ingeniously good, some things have changed for the better in the last few years, and so we sit for quite a long time. That’s also because we’re really dizzy and we almost have a headache. So many curves in such a short time, no wonder!
At some point, however, it is time to leave and so we went back through the Nibelungengau, into the Yspertal, then Weitental, Melk, Dunkelsteiner Wald, Heiligenkreuz and into the finale leg to Vienna.



Sucess! But, where do I get headache pills now?

on Tour

The author of this Blog is touring through the baltic coutries and especially Estonia.

A lot of Impressions are captured. 🙂


Report follows.

IFRD 2017 with Wima-Austria

The IFRD (International Female Ride Day) was introduced 11 years ago by a female Canadian motorcyclist who wanted to bring motorcycle-riding women together, and to make a statement.

Even if her homepage has become very commercial over the last years, the idea has become autonomous and worldwide women’s motorcycle clubs use the first Saturday of May, for a joint tour and coming together.

Su and I were on the road the last IFRD in 2016.

This year, our small party counted 9 riders. So, finding an agreement on a tour is correspondingly somewhat difficult.

But, in this case Renate, who had picked up an information at the Seiberer MountainRace, about a special exhibition: MotorMaiden, at the 1st Austrian Motorcycle Museum, did have the right input for us.

So, the target of the tour was fixed, the route planning that followed was relatively relaxing, so the tour could start!

My little misfortune with the broken footrest mounting plate had provided Juniors SuMo with a new front tyre (a Metzeler M7RR), as i didn’t wanted to travel with an almost zero millimeter profile 😉 .
I fetched the tyre on Friday, at Zweirad Pauer. The change was done in 15 minutes, the quality of the work faultlessly, the price …. oh, well 😉
Will the virgin tyre keep what it promises?

So, 6 May, early – around 9:00 😉 – there was the first meeting point in Hütteldorf, outfitted and on time the first Wima Bunch was there.

So we rode on to Untertullnerbach, to the second meeting point, and even there, despite tankstop, all the Wimas were ready in time to leave at 9:30 am.

We rode on through the beautiful Irenen Valley, to Tulln, where we had our 3rd meeting place (!), for our northern area members.

Still, punctual to the clock, we did set off again and headed along the Wagram to Langenlois and to continue north, along the Kamp river.

Then, we rode north, along the rounded bends of the Kamp, to Gars, where we turned to Sigmundsherberg and soon reached our destination at the Motorcycle Museum.

Lily and Birigt were (as native Waldviertler) already at site and so we could theoretically start with the visit of the special exhibition and the rest of the museum.

But, only theoretically, as we had to pass a JukeBox and it took it’s toll. A few classic earwigs were released before we actually went on to the small, but fine special exhibition.

Mr. Ehn was well-informed about the relevant epochs in austria, and motorcycles anyway. 😉

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This might be the reason why the Wima Founders were not on the radar, as they started in the US and UK first.

After the visit of the museum we went to the Restaurant Surböck where the Innkeeper offered us a wonderful ambience and good cuisine at very reasonable prices, in the garden.

Well fed and refueled we wanted to head back to Vienna.

But, Su had a quite better idea and so we drove along the Kamp to Zwettl and from there we went  south via Ottenschlag, Pöggstall and Weiten to the Danube river, where we crossed at Melk and rode into the Wachau region.
At Schönbuehl we took our last stop, at a friends of Su rest station, and enjoyed the wonderful sun.

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In the meantime, it was getting quite late, so we mounted our bikes again very soon , to get closer to Vienna via the darkstone forest and the B1.

My reserve gas light lit up at the foot of the Riederberg, but the tank still covered the 15km to the finish line.
Hip hip hurray for transparent petrol tanks! 🙂

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

And the tyre? The Metzeler M7RR? Attentive readers will still ask ….

In my opinion:

Never before has a tire impressed me more right from the first minute.
Very high class, it conveys a great feeling in the curves and a great stabile run on the straights, despite the hypernervous Husaberg.

It’s grip is magic, I even managed to do my first short stoppie as i had to break surprisingly.
Yes, I confess, I was distracted from the wonderful scenery at the Dobra  barrier lake. 😉

I didn’t had the opportunity to test it in rain (thankfully), but if the reviews are right (as I assume from my experience in dry state) , then the tyre is worth further consideration……

Finally, the tour we rode:

Black & White

Since our WIMA wine county tour, M. and I are determined to go on a one day ride somewhere within Austria.

It wasn’t easy to schedule a common date, but – and this is a big BUT – in the meantime she bought a Versys too. A cute 2010 model in white. She did pimp it a little bit (lower gel seat, rim stripes, etc..)
I must say, I never thought a white bike could look so cool!

Ok, but now there has to be a date, such an opportunity couldn’t be missed.

Finally, we found one! And as I like to have a mot(t)o for a ride, and our bikes are black & white we decided to name it: WIMA Black&White Ride.  YES!!
And, we event took it further, as M dressed up in her new leather racing gear b/w, and me dressed in my completely black standard leather riding gear.


Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

After our separate approach to the meeting point in Krems, we met right at the point at 9:30.
We first filled up our tanks buw11and headed over the Danube to the Dunkelsteiner Wald and through Loosdorf we entered the pre Alps region in a very short time. We had choosen narrow winding roads, but they were built for our bikes and so, kilometres went by very fast. Traffic was low at this time of the day, so we went on flying over the route through Mank, Wastl/Wald, Scheibbs, Puchenstuben, Erlaufsee, Göstling, Weyer, St. Gallen and finally Admont.

We had decided to stop only if necessary to cherish the riding to the max, but unfortunately close to Mariazell we were stopped in a police motorcycle mass control. buw10

So we had time to refresh our water level and walk a little bit, while we were spectators to the drama unfolding. Some manipulated mufflers, wrong mounted licence plates, run down tires, etc…  later we had the pleasure to be next in the queue.
We were glad to hear, that our bikes were in a completely certified state, and so we were allowed to  proceed shortly afterwards without any penalties.
No surprise there, as our Versys are built for this type of Austrian roads, why should we tune them?  😉




On the way down south we met a lot of motorbike riders and –groups, and, as it come, we had the opportunity to overtake quite all of them. As one of our famous motorcycle magazines in Austria like to call it: We judged them….

On the other hand, the opposite only happened once, or twice, if I count the two male riders each (licence marked with W and BA) overtaking us – and the car column in front of us – within a hairpin bend , admist heavy rain, and opposite traffic, at the steep roads of  Josefsberg.

Thanks, but that’s not even my stile….., I pass for good and overtake later. (for sure  😉  )

But,  its their life, so let’s proceed with the report:
At our arrival in Admont (a little after noon) the small town was crowded with bikes from all over Austria. So we went in a small aside restaurant without garden seats to rest a little bit, before we would head back.

This was fortunate, as shortly after heavy rain started to fall and we had time to lunch and talk a lot.

After some time, we wanted to start the engines again, to proceed with our return leg, but the rain was still pouring down, so we had to put on our rain gear and after paying for the meal and drinks we mounted our bikes once again and started our return journey.

It started close to Admont with the Gesäuse, a narrow road between tall mountains, winding along the stone walls and over bridges. As this road is operated under bad weather conditions, the tarmac wasn’t too good at all, and the wet surface did even worsen it.
So we slowed down a little bit until the rain started to cease more and more. As it was still hot, the road soon tried and we, once again, proceeded with our standard speed back to Mariazell.

buw6swUnfortunately parts of the leg were torn up for repairs and therefore only gravel roads, but, at least, thanks to the rain, it wasn’t dusty at all and so we could experience Australian road feeling admits Austria  😉

buw4 buw5


We arrived in Mariazell in heavy rain, the gas station was already crowded with Bikers seeking shelter under the roof, and for the first time refilled our gas.
It was strange, that my old Versys took 12.5 litres and M’s Versys, despite a quite younger model, needed 14.2 litres for the same leg. I suppose it’s due to my bigger wind screen, but otherwise this wouldn’t be logical, wouldn’t it?

This means calculated 5.3l for 100km, not to bad considering our pace and more than 10000m up and down during our 300km trip so far.
Together we went on, with increasing homing car traffic – the bikes where more or less all gone. We had a few kilomters on the same track, we rode before on our south leg, but soon the tracks seperated again and we went on over Annaberg and the nice hairpin bends on the up and even more at the down part, but unfortunately again in heavy rain and car columns in front of us.

At one of the last bends there was an unfortunate Gold Wing Biker surrounded by police, fire squad and ambulance who seemed to be injured as his bike laid aside the tarmac out of the bend. Yes, the roads were very slippery there. Best wishes from us!

At the end of the downhill section, we managed to overtake the cars in front of us, and proceed again in a faster pace back to Lilienfeld (were the rain stopped finally) further on to Traisen, were we parted. M to the North and me to the East.

As the sun already started to set, it was time to check out a new app I found recently:  Calimoto. it promises to find as much as possible curves on a leg between A to B and that was, what I needed now.  Still approx 60km to go, so lets see.


buw3As it found a really nice and winding route back home, I think I will try it on a longer route too, next time.


Maybe together with the other two Versys from WIMA?

Not in black&white then, but colorful could be fun too, don’t you think? 😉



There are so many stories about the wine county in Lower Austria. Wima decided to add another one. How?
Naturally with a bike tour, what else?WDD
As abbreviations are hipp, we called our tour the WDD.  Wtf?
It stands for Wima Duke Duett (or Wine County, Duke Duett) and therefore fits perfect.
There are 3 Duke 390 within Wima Austria, so we should consider to organise a WDT (Wima Duke Triple) as soon as possible too!

Why to the wine county? As we travel without consuming alcohol during our rides (not afterwards, thats quite a different thing!),
the target of our trip might be slightly strange, but as Nina – our new prospect – lives in the northern part of Vienna,
and I do know this area from my Enduro trips, a tour to the north was a logic consequence.
Our ride started on friday, afternoon, at the northern border of Vienna and led us through the lovely parts of the Kreuttal (herbs valley) and over the tangled roads of the Leiser mountains directly
to the gallows hill in Wildenduernbach (Lower Austrias most beautiful wine celler assembly!)IMG_20160819_172106014_HDR
After a short stop – no, not for drinking – we proceeded further to Laa/Thaya IMG_20160819_174659347_HDRwhere we paused to relish the ice-cream and the beautiful view at the main place with the majors house.

Refreshed we started south again, via – naturally – KTM distributer Kaudela in Unterstinkenbrunn, then further on to Stronsdorf, Nursch, Maisbirbaum, Niederhollabrunn to Korneuburg, where our ways parted.

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

The whole ride carried us through the soft hills of the wine county, between fields of pumpkins, sun flowers and corn, and, yes, some wine yards, too.IMG_20160821_154308635 IMG_20160821_153604743 IMG_20160821_153436695 IMG_20160821_151855485
Additional refreshment, despite the weather wasn’t hot at all, came from sections through forrests, which were already relatively cold. Summed up, a very nice tour-mix.
The weather was even more astouning, as with my start in the afternoon, there where some irritating black clouds down in the south, but my rain app was right, not even a drop up in the north of lower austria.

As we had choosen mostly minor roads we hadn’t much traffic with other cars or bikes so we could choose our pace and our stops freely.
Whith this conditions Nina was able to keep the pace very well, despite the fact, that she didn’t know the area (and roads) at all. 4 hours pleasant ride, well done!

Motto: Wine District

Breakfast at 8:00, sharp, at the terrace. From the terrace there is a beautiful view over Arnfels to the border hills of slovenia and in direction to the Weinstrasse.IMG_0233

Is there something better, then brakfast on a sunny terrace? A huge buffet is arranged, the local delicacies are arranged in an artisan way and mixed with international known goodies, like Styria Maki, pastry of zander and trout, pumpkin-orange marmelade, etc… it was amazing stuff, the chef prepared for us. 🙂IMG_0234

Minute for minute the other girls arrive to the breakfast table and do join us in tackling the buffet.
Together with some coffee, the spirits are awaken again.
After this early brunch, i doubt, that lunch will be necessary ;-)Even better, more time to ride!

After a view rounds between buffet and table, we are well prepared to start our ride again.
Only 30min later we put the paniers back on the bikes and roll them out of the garage. IMG_0236



Wima N 1


Its a pleasant warm air, and we enjoy our ride to Leutschach, where we do a tank stop again and then head on to the South Styria Wine Street.

IMG_0244The narrow road bends multiple times through picturesque hills, on top some wine growing estates, sourrounded by vineyards. The road follows the border between austria and Slovenia, so sometimes we are in AUstria, then we are in SLovenia, but that doesn’t matter here, we only follow the bended road, uphill and downhil, mesmerised by the beautiful view. As the street is very narrow, I do not want to travel there with a car, as the road isn’t a one way road. So other approaching cars would be difficult o handle, but no problem with the bike 🙂 IMG_0246

Naturally we stop at some point to, only to absorb the view over the hills into slovenia.

And on we go, along the border, sometime meeting some army guys patrolling there, but no stranded fugitive is seen so we head on unmolested.

At Spielfeld we enter the Grazer Becken, but there is not much to say: _________________________________
Its really flat, so only recommended to cross, to regain higher ground again, as it starts after Bad Radkersburg. ,

IMG_0247So, we do our first regular stop in the shadow of some forrest trees. The coffee has to be replaced with some water as we enter the next wine street on our way, the Südburgenländische Weinstraße and the sun is still burning from the sky.

Its quite similar to the Styrian part, but not so overcrowded with tourists, as it seems. Everything is smaller and cheaper, then in the southern part.

We pick the narrow roads there to and we were not disappointed at all, the tires, not really used yesterday due to the rain, do have the chance to show us their limits now, but I must say, that with our yesterdays experience in the rain, the confidence into our tyres have mounted from rain to rain, so our threshold has been lowered substantially 😉

After some time, we drive down to the Raab river valley a more flat area, where the first clouds appear on the sky, heading out of Hungary towards our planned route. As there are some gaps we still try to avoid the rain and head on, but short after we are forced under a huge chestnut tree, where we, again, chnage back to our rain gear. Right in time, as suddenly water is poured down on us, like it was poured out of a bucket.

Wima N 2 It last only for a short period, so we arrive at Güssing, with ist prominent High Castle ruin admist the city again with only cloudy sky.

Still, we ride along the hungarian border to the north, the wavy area, with wide rounded curves invites us to probe our tires a little bit more, and short, plain rain do not harm us anymore in our pleasure.

We arrive at Rechnitz shortly afterward, it is situated at the foot of the Gschriebnstein, where we hold for a tankstop and a little refreshment, before we start our climb up the mountain. We remove our rain gear too, as it would hinder us in movement along the following kilometers, so we can solely concentrate on the track to come.

And, despite the fact, that Burgenland highest mountain is only 860m in highed, the following track is a beautiful carved road up and downhill, and the speedlimit of 80km/h isn’t a problem at all, it fits very well with the available bends. 😉

As it seems, only minutes, the track end on the other side of the mountain at Lockenhaus, where another interesting target awaits us:The castle? The Knights meal? Köszeg (Güns) with the picturesc old city center?

IMG_0248But, no, only some fleshly things, we cherish.

A small parking lot, dedicated for motorbikes, close to the entrance of the main placeIMG_0249n right in viewing distance o the backery and ice shop, stops our furtehr advance.

And, as it seems we are not alone. Its a meeting place for bikers from Hungary, as well as Styria, Lower AUstria and the Burgenland, even from Vienna there are some bikes.

I had planed to use the stop for a short visit of my new (future) dog in Köszeg, but our stay will be relatively short, as in our general driving direction first clouds are massing again.

So we head back to our bike after some cool bowls of ice and proceed further on in direction to Kirchschlag. But, after the first hill, the rain, again, breaks totally loose. It was
Wima N 3 surprising, we had to take shelter outside a mortuary, under the broad roof we quickly put our rain gear again. As fast as the rain had come it also disappeared and cheased completely after a few kilometers. At Kirchschlag we again, head into the mountains, a small road along the ridge gives us a beautiful view over the countryside, and the well build tarmac – as it seems from EU funding – is a nice complimentary for our bikes.

Much to fast we arrive at Forchtenstein an, the speed limit along the narrow winding road is resonably set, so again an interesting experience.

IMG_0250JFrom here to Eisenstadt, the track isn’t beautiful at all, straight roads, and often flat, no big surprise at all. At Eisenstadt we say our farewells, as closing in to Vienna, we expect that our small group will be torn apart within the long car columns heading back to the capital.

We no ride over the Leitha Gebirge in direction to Stotzing, a road section named one of the deadliest roads for motorbikers in Austria in ebenfalls sehr schön ausgebaut ist, but, without car traffic it would be less dangerous. 😉

SO, last section: Via Stotzing, Ebreichsdorf, Laxenburg, Wr. Neudorf back to Vienna. This part of our Journey was really uneventful, so we can really skip this part completely. As expected we loose sight of each other within the cars, but thats not a big trouble, as we will meet again, already on tuesday at our monthly WIMA Meeting 🙂

For now, the story of our weekend trip is over. It has been a beautiful experience to ride with the girls, and even the test of our rain gear resulted in a positive aspect! 🙂


PS: Short after, i was driving with my car to Köszeg, but thats a quite different story.

once upon a time

a long, long time ago, there was the idea to went for a season start ride with the friends in WIMA
As always, when the council of WIMA meets, there were different considerations and opinions to consider.
When does the motorbike season start? In March, in May? Or, as some of the participants cooly reminded: “Never, there is no interruption” so, at least the präsident rose and enounounced with a loud voice: “May it is, and we declare the first weekend as the date for the ride. So be prepared” she said, and the decision was made.
And yet, only one month later it was quite clear, that the scheduled date will not fit with other business needs, so the discussion did start again, and so they discussed happily ever after……. *snip*

Thank god, I woke up from this “nightmare”, right in time 😉
We do discuss a lot of things and do have a lot of chit-chat during our WIMA meetings , but, if the matter is about tours, there is no hesitation to find a decission, so easily an alternate date was found. The first Juni weekend it was, no sooner said then done:

5 happily female riders announced their participation with the tour. And target and slogan of the ride was very easily decided, too : wine, woman and song -> So, it was obvious:

in sum, a perfect planning base!  🙂

After short condsiderations we presented the following route to the south and back to the north

Wima Süd<- To the south and to the north  -> Wima Nord

The planned route through the mountains spans over approx. 400 km, so an early start was announced, to have the time to enjoy the day with other things then riding.

oh, lamentation and bitter weeping were oll over the land *snip* , we simply did rise a little bit earlier. 😉

IMG_20160604_084442621So, we all met at an fitting meeting point in the south of Vienna, perfect for the start of our ride.
All had come, in best mood and competent – as we are – we mustered the new Duke in our midst.

The sun shone with all her might already in this early (9 Uhr) hour and so we did start our engines and Ladies: Let’s ride!

WIMA S 1First our route went along the Gupoldskirchner wine hills (Slogan!!) and then we left for the mountains in direction to Gloggnitz through the outer alps.

IMG_0214 A short tankstop close to Pernitz to prepare for the ride through the further mountains.




The first curves and kilometers were already behind us, as we arrived at Gloggnitz.

What happend then, you want to know?

Heaven opened and WATER poured out of the sky! *snip*

WIMA S 2Not only drops, water. Just in time, there was a tank stop and we changed into our rain gear We looked like the 5 dwarfs *snip* in our colorful rain gear and now, well prepared, we mustered all our strenght and headed into the mountains between Semmering and Wechsel.

It was not the first time, that the water tried to spill our bikes from the road with all his might, but our heroines were true and unafraid and so they rode *snip* on.

IMG_0216Arriving at Birkfeld, still in the rain, we decided to enter an inn to get some rest and food.

After a meager meal, our princesses were not willing to proceed their wet and ghastly ride *snip* , but a long way and mountains were still in front of them, and even much more important: Curves!, so we started the engines once again and headed back in the rainy mountains.

We crossed the Mur river valley at Deutschfeistritz, only to disappear in the mountains again. And they haven’t been seen anymore…. *snip*

Wima S 3But no, the rain, much more stronger then the last time, tried to frighten our small party, but still some miracle was on the way.
Admist all this rain, on a small hill, there was a church with a wedding party, beautifully clad in traditional garb, and the hill was in the bright sun, Saint Pangrazen was the place, and as it seems the Saint was pleased by our slow pass by, so the rain started to chease shortly after we passed and the sun did shine, again.

IMG_0218Now we could see the beautiful countryside, and the stud of Piber invited us for a short break along the road to regain some strenght and to drink something too. IMG_0223


We were not shure, if we should ditch our rain gear, as the sun was shining hot from above, but a short view to the sky showed us, it would be better to keep it on. And we were not disappointed 😉

The next section, over the Pack pass, was a beautiful ride along a very bended road, up and down, it was an real fun to get chased by the BMW, and the

bad Sheriff, in his high castle *snip* was unlucky to have his radar gun aligned in the wrong direction. I wonder, haven’t our engines been loud enough??

Wima S 4 Full of  joy we proceeded down to Carinthina, in direction to Frantschach, were we turned left to climb the mountain to Deutschlandsberg.

We thought of mountain pastures, cows, some abondoned chairlifts, etc.. instead we found: Heavy rain, hail and fog all at once. The temperature dropped down to 9° C, I was really happy to have my handles heated.

The funny part was, that at the lunch break, we discussed the conditions we already had during our trip, and I told them: “Beside of hail, everything we had already“. In my opinion, the recollection of this short episode brought a smile to our lips, it was simply ridiculous!

After this icy kilometers, some snow remnants left and right from the road, we arrived at Deutschlandsberg, and as nothing had even happened the sun was there back again.

We used the sun to get dry on our shortcut to our overnight stay in Krast, the restaurant and hotel IMG_0227Restaurant Moosmann was our final target for the day.
We were tired from the long (8 hours on the bike, overall) ride through storm and ice *snip*

Despite this, we relished the wonderful meal, personally prepared by the chef himself (a former motorbiker himself).

With a beautiful view from the bed room , along tomorrow’s track we went to bed.


Maybe you have wondered about the different colors along the tracks (you can enlarge them, as the pictures, with a click) there is only a small hint:

Its not a speed-, elevation- or direction indicator, but you will find it in my story everywhere. 😉

Who knows the right answer? Maybe the price is The Wishing-Table? Or the The Gold-Ass, or, at least The Cudgel in the Sack? *snip*


The  IFRD, the international female riding day, is a yearly reoccuring event on the first saturday of may.

This year, it was the 10th anniversary of this event, and, naturally, I did participate too  🙂

IMG_0165I met with Su at 9 in the morning, and we started our Versys W4-Trip   (W4 stands for Weinviertel – wine quarter;  the NO-Part of Lower Austria, where wine is produced).IMG_0171







We started with the lower parts, also called Marchfeld, and proceeded northward, along the Slovakian border, then further on along the Czech border,

At Hohenau an der March, at the first roundabout, it then happened. A small oil spot and my back wheel decided to slide away. After a 180° turn we were briefly sliding over the concrete tarmac

Only my pride was really hurt, thank god, nothing else was really damaged. So we went on after a short break,

Valticewhere we did cross the border to DCIM100GOPROG0050366.Valtice  ->


and from there on to Lednice, our target for todays ride.





Lednice castle and the surounding park are an real beauty

It was really hard to find a place to park the bikes, as it seems whole Lednice is a no drive, no parking zone  😉 But we did find a gap, large enough for the bikes.

We then did a short foot walk around the castle, as there were still a few km to go.

MikulovWe then headed on to Mikoluv  close to the Autrian border.

It does have a beautiful city centre, beeing renovated now for decades it looks like a beauty.

But, we traveled on



IMG_0166And crossed the border  back to Austria on a short dirt road passage back to W4 where we very soon found a most beautiful scenery beneath a linden tree.

Its a hill full of vine cellars, surounded by vine yards,  called Galgenberg (Mountain of the gallow  😉  )

But we travelled on, no vine drinking with driving a bike.  😉


We now drove back south, through the hilly countryside and yellow rapeseed field



Until we did met the Danube again.

We crossed there the IMG_0177Danube river by ferry     

IMG_0174A whole ferry for two Versys alone.





After the crossing we did went on along the northern  Wienerwald where we were stopped by a young Biker, who did had a bike accident due to ballast on the street.  IMG_0180Fortunately he wasn’t hurt, but in light shock.

We gave him some water and helped him to  recover his bike out of the ditch.

IMG_0178But it was heavily damaged, the rim broken, the brake fluid reservoir gone,

the fairing broken, etc…

We did organise a towing firm and brought him to the next inn, so he could wait there for them to arrive.


W4tel TourOnly a few kilometres after, back in Vienna,  we finished our IFRD Tour after 11 hours on the way.

It was a pleasant trip, in nice company, perfect weather nothing more to wish for. 🙂

Seasonstart with Junior

Totally unplaned, first Season opening with Junior and his Duke 390.
We startet with 14° temperature and finished our tour approx 4 hours later at approx. 7 brrr centigrates .
And, big achievement, he now does have 1000km on his speedo.

on our way, I had my first police stop with the motorbike!!! :-/ , totally wrong.., had nothing done

Our revenge: 🙂

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

At least some real fun … 😉

Border ride



Nice cup, btw.

I didn’t feel to good,

my throat wasn’t so good either,

in plain: I had a heavy cold.



Thats why I decided for a slow, but lovely round along the near border lineIMG_20160213_125538146, IMG_20160213_125554910

Old trails, different landscapes, enough high spirits for me, to recover,

IMG_20160213_125815526_HDR IMG_20160213_125426436_HDR

as I did, the day after   😉

As Bonus,

I found a new experience to collect, next time…  🙂


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