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Surprise! Glue Psycho

Surprise! I felt sheer happiness as I, standing with an empty gas tank at the gas station, had to recognise, that my tank lock had been glued. 🙁
Obviously not at home, as the bikes of my boys were completely unharmed, as I found out later.
So, it must have happened somewhere else. But with 400km on one tank fill, its hard to say where it might have happened.

Needless to say, that I tried to get this fixed at site, and, thanks to regulary maintenance, some thin oil film prevented the glue to completely stuck with the lock.
I took my emergency tool – swiss knife – out and started to remove the layers around and within the lock.

IMG_20160820_082903274And after approx 1 hour I managed to turn the lock again under some strain.

I filled up the gas for the minimum and then returned home for further repairs, without closing the lock completely.
IMG_20160820_150713At home I removed the lock and disassembled it as much as possible. Then I bathed it in acteon and with this I got rid of the remnants of the glue.
For restoring it completly I treated it with WD 40 Oil and graphite powder, now it works like a charm.
Even better than before. 🙂

Fork service

it wasn’t planned like that, surely it wasn’t.
The idea was, to do kind of an alternative training. Speeding over some dirt roads. Something like that.
As this isn’t possible within Vienna or the near vicinity, we had to use the transporter to get the bikes to the dirt roads.
At least that was the idea.
Unfortunately it stayed with the idea.
What happened? We found an oil leakage beneath the Husaberg. The source was easily found. It was the right fork of the Husaberg.

So, instead the whole program: Unload the bike, remove the fork, repair the leakage and replace the fork oil.
After this we mounted the fork back in place, and, what happened? It started raining.

Van Van up and running again

Yesterday the new rectifier arrived,

Today we changed the part and, the van Van is running and loading the battery again….

Van Van 3

Test drive done, yep, the rectifier seams to be broken, we need a new one

original one per piece 137,- €                                                              Arghhh (searches for some air) , are they crazy?

As the UK are THE VanVan country within Europa iI tried Amazon there, and Jackpot, the same rectifier, incl. postage  67,- €  .

Still enough money, but totally worth it.

ordered, waiting commenced…..

Van Van 2

I spent some time with the Repairs manual and found out, where to check some parameters in the electrics

Unsurprisingly, the first measurment did show a big deviation from the  given numbers.

Without anything switched on, the batterie did give 30mA to an unknown source.  So the systematic check started and was narrowed down to the rectifier.

I started to dismount it, and found this:

IMG_20160416_113539795 IMG_20160416_113516093

After some cleaning it looked like:

IMG_20160416_114513270 IMG_20160416_114259258
Hopefully this did the job, the Amps are gone, but I still dont see any charging.

As it seems the rectifier is gone for good. Generator does provide voltage though.  So a short testdrive will show.  😉


Van Van

IMG_20160409_145349822On saturday I exchanged the battery on juniors Van Van, as the old wasn’t functioning anymore,

or so I thought.

Unfortunately we found out, that this isn’t the true fault.

The Van Van stopped operation after 5km travel and only showed the FI light.


I wonder, whats the reason for this?  I asume it’s the voltage regulator or rectifier, but thats still to prove.

At least it worked well with a full charged battery, so  I think, I am right. But I keep you posted.  :-/


IMG_20160325_171115549Loudness wins.

With my last tour I found out, that my signal horn wasn’t working (naturally, as I needed it). Grr, what the …?

Back, at home I checked the electrics, but still the horn itself wasn’t working. No sound, no quack, nothing….

Instantely I ordered a new one, as especially this time of the year, car drivers are not prepared and do not expect motorbikes out there on the street.


Today my new horn arrived, and if it proves to be reliable, I must say, its really worth it.

The sound is incredibly good (deep) and very loud. UUppss , maybe I shouldn’t have bought a truck horn? 😉


Despite of the size, it still fits under the fairing, so let the car drivers come 🙂

Comfort and protection

As it seems, my seat cover did let water through – and not a wee bit.
The foam beneath was rotten in some parts and it is geting harder too. As I intend to join a bike marathon this summer, I pondered, if some repairs, combined with some enhancements wouldn’t be a bad idea?

After second thought and some youtube videos later 😉  I decided to go for it.

I ordered the necessary materials, and yes, I also added a gel pad and an additional layer :-0
– As it seems, not even a Versys can match my high  😛

Next step will probably be a seat heating. At least I will try to adopt one.
I already do have a car seat heat, maybe I can make it fit?
And then, a final cover layer for the overall area.

Hmmm, the finish is still to decide.
Will I go for the orginal cover (a new one), or something quite different? Still looking….


More to come…..


At the moment, my bike is still at general service and inspection.

To shorten the waiting I have ordered some nice gear for my next ride:

Motorpool HoseFirst, an SeeSee Motorpool pant,

because I really like the style and cut,

It comes with perfectly integrated protectors on knee an hip, and, as I am not so slim as the model on this picture, but the leg lenght should fit perfect.


And, if it is still a bit short, there is

another fine piece of gear :

ElsinoreBootBlackFront  the Icon 1000, Elsinor Boots. 🙂

Cant wait, to see them arrive!!

Back to construction


beautiful weather, sun is shinning, warm temperature, what more could one desire?

So, back to our beloved  Enduro training spot. Bagger

First surprise: The caterpilar was there:

Luckily, a small ramp, or such ;-),   still existed, so we tried our luck and it worked!

Moving on, we spotted a male deer in the bushes:Deer which got away unharmed.

tireI did check my tyre presure when we left home. But very fast I felt, that my rear tyre hadn’t any grip.

So I checked the tyre and:

Running flat 🙁

Can be compensated by speed  😉 , therefore pressing on, but:

My muffler didn’t sustain the next slide, so it decided to leave our company, naturally resulting in a terrible noise.

I had to mount the part losseley to my bike and start to travel back home.

We never met any strollers on the way home in the past, but todays count:  8-10  🙁

Auspuff Reparatur
Fixed the muffler at home temporarely with  clamping band and

removed the dirt from the area around the exhaust:Auspuffdreck

Naturally I patched the tire too, but It would have been more fun, without.

At least, I used the opportunity to change tire direction too, so:

Small win!

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