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Panonnia Race Circuit, the 2nd


img_20160926_070100yesterday 10 hours riding and today at  5:45 am I am already on my way down to hungary – again.


This time with my transporter. Its simply easier to carry all the racing stuff, water, and the heating is a plus too, as this early morning is freezing cold….


Naturally, my navi cheased to work right behind the border (i traveled via Közseg) and so my brain had to recollect meomories from my last trip from Ostffyasszonyfa – what a name, but easy to remember – to find my way down to the panonnia race circuit  🙂

Iimg_20160926_145614 arrived at 7:45, at the circuit, registered, listened to the drivers instructions, let my bike check for the technical approval (naturally all lamps, even blinker had to be coverd, naturally the rear foot pegs had to be fixated addtionally, naturally the mirrors have to be removed, , but the temporarely fixed front fender didn’t matter  😉 …..

Oh, well I must not understand this, do I?

At last, I did put the transponder (15,- €) unter my seat. Right in time for the first start of the day with the rookies group.

Fortunatelly ,the dressing went easier than the last time, maybe the great food during the WIMA Week didn’t help the last time?  😉

The first round was real fun, and so I wanted more , already 2 Seconds faster than last time. 2:45:xy

During the break I met  Beate Kloda – from the Austrian Motorrad Magazin and Isabella El-Mohr – from the Safebike event.

img_20160926_094520Its fantastic to feel Beate’s  enjoyment growing from minute to minute. She was certainly born for this and her test bike, a Suzuki GSX-S 1000  looks real bad ass too! :-0

Isabella wasn’t quite as pursuing, but between all this testosterone  guys and rookies its hard to concentrate on the own track without beeing stopped cold, by some crazy rider :-/

From my point of view, fun is everywere. As my Versys is clearly not the right bike – oh the looks of the guys – for this kind of a game, its even more relaxing to know, that i can only win.  😉

At the break I also had time to take some photos

img_20160926_095549 img_20160926_094433 img_20160926_094526 img_20160926_094446

The mood in the camp is really relaxed and all the “mechanics” screwing on their bikes are feeling themselves as kind of small MotoGP for sure.

Finally, its our turn again and this time I try hard to keep pace with Beate and follow her track as much as possible. Its easy in the warm up round, but after this, she is up and away. So fast i couldn’t even blink, so fast this can happen 😉 .

At least, I still remember the most important part: Try to corner as late as possible (same with brakes), keep the corner tight and start soon to accelerate again.

I tried this procedure for the next rounds, and yeah again 2 sec. better than the last turn.  img_20160926_145559Ok, with this pace, its only further 15 turns to go, to achieve a time around 2:11?   😉                                                                     And my tire looks good too

lol, theoretical statistics are really clever…….

But, the next turn, after the break was surprisingly better, but this mostly due to some additional motivation:

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

img_20160926_114528I started behind the two Ducati Monster riders, and, as I had refilled my Versys oil reservoir with nothing else as my available diesel engine motor oil, I wasn’t so shure if I should rev as high as before.

😉  But from round to round the Monsters accelerated more and more, and I kept pace.

Finally I wanted to overtake them, but a breaking mistake from my side brought me back to the roots again. and now, I was really motivated!  🙂

From there on the racing was incredibly motivating and overtaking took place a lot after the first long takle with the monster.

My time isn’t so good still,  2:38:xy, the line of track not perfekt at all, but the pure fun was totally worth it and I learned a lot.

eg. even stripped foot pegs can scratch….. 😉

img_20160926_112506 img_20160926_145543

after this I decided, I should stop when its finest and so I packed my gear and the Versys back into the transporter and started my way home, still a smile on the face. Seeing you next year again, for sure…

img_20160926_150148 img_20160926_153252

Panonnia Ring

I arrived wet at saturday evening from Esztergom,

Normally the ride would only last 2 hours, but due to the heavy rain and strong sidewinds it was a 5 hour long, exhausting ride. I was really glad to arrive at the circuit.

Originaly I had the intention to camp in the tent, but I had decided otherwise, as I was wet and cold, and greatful for a warm, cosy room and a bed.

I was greatful for the space I received, so I could spread all my wet equip all over the (bath)room.

Thankfully, the racing gear I brought with me was watertight packed!!

I went to bed early, without dinner, I was so tired from the exhausting drive here.

So I got up early. And went over to the restaurant for breakfast. There was a fine buffet, but I was so nervous, i barely could eat 2 small slices of bred with butter and marmelade, and black tee.

After breakfast I simply errected the tent, to let it dry and put all the wet stuff beneath, so it could dry too, as the wind was still blowing heavily.

Fortunatelly the rain had stopped and the wind had dried the tarmac.

The temperature had also risen to 17°, so it would be a very well day on the track.

I fetched my my registration number from the Honda race truck (office) and  attached it on the bike. Then I dismounted all the touring gear, turned the mirrors down (as this should minimise the distraction and the following racer would have to care for himself  😉  ) and changed into the racing gear (The same I had for my drift training)

IMG_20160717_100703798_HDRAs I was in the beginners group, we got a short introduction

into the does and dont’s  of racing


So be kind to your fellow racers, if to fast dont brake, lean more  :-0, if you want to leave the track raise your left hand and leave the track at the entrance of the box alley. Never went against the general direction (clockwise)!!  I think, that sums it up!

Ah, yes, on further thing:Ttry to start slow, you will be fast enough soon  😉

Oh, well, I think I will skip this part   😉

And then off we go, always in 20min turns and a 40 min break for two other, more experienced groups.

The pictures are from the first 2 turns.

i think, not to bad for a rookie?  😉

We also had one accident in our group, one fellow rider managed to achive a high sider with his (i suppose) Ducati Pannigale, but for my knowledge without major damage to him or his bike.

I found It quite inspiring to race against men, more expiring though, when I managed to overtake them  🙂  And I did. Huurraaaayyy

Maybe I should look for a Ring bike? My Versys is perfect for the small turns, but on the long sprints clearly underpowered, and I do not want to ruin my trusted bike with racing, as well.

But, for this I will first have to scrape some money, an impossible thing at the moment, with a new job, and an appartment to renovate.


Winter is coming!  Time of games and thrones, but also of bike bargains  , so lets see……  🙂


today, I received the Link from Sportograf with our pictures.
I did upload them to our cloud,
and here is the Link:

Short preview:


Hare Scramble

As I do not have my own video ready,

as a first glance, the official recording  (4:38 hours)

Second Prolog Day

The long evening at the big tent does effect our sleeping routine, so we did get up rather late.
ReifenrepAs Juniors front wheel still looses some pressure, we decide to change the tube completely. Not an easy task, considering the everywhere dust . And, having the tools already laid out, I did dismount the left front fork, to repair the lower gasket, as it was leaking.

In this environment a horror, but still, a necessary task.

2015-06-06_11-21-10_314To move out of the increasing heat (approx 30° C), we did decide to relocate down to Eisenerz, to get some “real” food for lunch.

We spot the Bräustüberl, and after spending there some time in the shadow, we really can recommend the food there.
After Lunch, we did a little nap, but short after, 2015-06-06_14-35-33_272we prepared our selves for the second prolog race.

As always, queueing at the prestart area. But, only 1 1/2 hours later (in complete harness), the race starts for us.


The track, now even more worse, was really hard to tackle.
As I did want to keep my 5th place from the first race, I kept a higher pace right from the start.


2015-06-06_16-01-56_28 smallUnfortunately, a flat front tire, at approx. half of the track, didn’t help.

Even worse, high speed is now only medium to slow speed. And so, I loose more than 2 Minutes on the track.

In sum, I shift down to the 6th place, unlucky, but not to bad, as the first 4 woman riders are all Pro’s.

So, I really can be satisfied with the result, can I? …  –  honestly, I am not  😉

After a very slow return to the tent, tube fix again
as it seems, i would be a really good mechanic too. 😉

WP_20150606_13_15_43_ProAs small satisfaction we receive an autogramm from Ossi Reisinger

First Prolog Day

2015-06-05_14-43-29_173 We both manged to get to the top (of the mountain) in one piece and in relatively good time.

The track had been worsened significantly, in respect to last year…  brrr.

Not a problem for the pros’s, but for us amateurs  :-/

Others were not so lucky:

Erzberg Prolog Strecke
Here are my statistics for this race

It’s not completely correct as I started tracking after last technical check in prestart, and approx. a minute? after arriving at the finish.

Because it looks so beautiful


a small picture update afterward:


As you can see with the picture logo, I am not the owner of the pic, despite the fact, that I am the content of the pic  ;-),
Original is from:

Prolog Route

During the Prolog race i let my GPS tracker on.

Thats the Route:


It starts at the circle, at approx. 864 m sea level, and ends, 14 km later, after stones, water and fog at 1437m sea level

One simple mistake, combined with a worsened spark plug did cost me about 8 unnecessary minutes (according to log) , unfortunately it was to late, when i recognised my mistake. Pitty, but reason enough to come back next year, to do it better 🙂

Erzberg 2014

it was cold, it was wet, it was fun!!

I did manage with each prolog run, to have one major mistake which really did cost a lot of time. But still, i managed to keep position 17th in both runs of the ladies cup among 30 starters there.
It certainly wasn’t enough to get into hare scramble, not even close  😉 but that was never the target.
So, I survived Erzberg!!

Please activate JavaScript to view this video.

once again

club race.
My insurance manager was so kind to inform me in front  of the race, that this wouldn’t be covered by my accident insurance, despite earlier information?!? Continue reading

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