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SM Project

Hi there!

As winter is coming slowly, but unstoppable, and as junior will receive his A2 driving license with end of November, i was pondering the question, if I schouldn’t start a project over the months to come?

He does own a Husaberg FE 350, which is fully qualified for onroad use.

So,  I thought, i could convertit to a Supermoto Bike.

I read a lot of articles over the last month to get a picture of the necessaary steps for this transition and started ordering.

Some of them are to far fetched (e.g. changing the fork – some adjustment to the compression- and rebound damping will have to do)

But with this restrictions I started ordering

Now the first, and most expensive, items have arrived:


TEE – Training, Extreme Expensive

I wonder, how could this happen?

IMG_20160611_180134349A training, lots of new challenges sucessfull handeled, only minor, soft crashes and then this:

Juniors Husaberg lost/breaks its rear fender,


IMG_20160611_175655894My GoPro case did breaks apart,

For Gods sake, at least with a guard mounted! :-0


IMG_20160611_175413264And my boot lost a buckle, unbelievable!!

Juniors last pre Erzberg training

We did a fork service on the Husaberg last week. On saturday, Junior did experience a very hard fork and so he skipped our training in wöllersdorf completely. 🙁
In the meantime we did rebalance the fork and today I fetched him from school and we hurried to Wöllersdorf. 20min up to closing of the track, we arrived at the site, quickly unloaded the Husky and he did 5 fast rounds to check the setting. .-/

Luckily he was very satisfied with the actual setting, so we stopped right in time to load up the bike and leave the site before closing. 😉

Fork service

it wasn’t planned like that, surely it wasn’t.
The idea was, to do kind of an alternative training. Speeding over some dirt roads. Something like that.
As this isn’t possible within Vienna or the near vicinity, we had to use the transporter to get the bikes to the dirt roads.
At least that was the idea.
Unfortunately it stayed with the idea.
What happened? We found an oil leakage beneath the Husaberg. The source was easily found. It was the right fork of the Husaberg.

So, instead the whole program: Unload the bike, remove the fork, repair the leakage and replace the fork oil.
After this we mounted the fork back in place, and, what happened? It started raining.

Enduro fog round

2015-12-18_12-11-28_442Despite the ugly weather, we started for a short Enduro round.

As we got into the swamp last time, we decided to went along the field tracks.



There was not much to see, even worst, nothing to orientate, so we went just a little bit over the border to visit Czechoslovakia , opss…..  😉

The big advantage though, nobody could see us, only the engine noise could be heard…


2015-12-19 17_37_17-GPS Track Editor
Due to the bad view distance and the worse ground resistance our max. speed, of up to 110 km/h, was some kind of a hazardous game, but, we managed to come home safely.






Afterwards a full cleaning was very essential 🙂


With the registration for the Erzberg Rodeo, there comes the training preparation.
Thats why winter is again training season! Practise, practise, practise….

My beloved readers may remeber my personal challenge “Death Hill” ? Now, we can handle him in a pass by situation, despite, as in case with the tyres of Junior, they are not really fit anymore..

OK, not always 😉



Only for completion:

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