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Prolog Training

We did race over the field tracks during the winter, but now the rabbits and deers are crossing every time, so its a little bit nerve wracking.
So, we went back to Wöllersdorf (Bad Fischau) MX track to train with realistic ground
Proud to announce, that I have increased my round speed, right with the first training day!

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As it seems, on straight tracks Juniors FE 350 isn’t beatable, but it looks quite different in the corners…
Looking forward to the prolog track results 😉

Went swimming with EXC

As for now, I did know this situation only by Youtube. Enduro KEX ist my favorite there. But, naturally every Endurist can do the same 😉

And, so did I.
Thats my chronicle of horror:
Best to start late, and then add:
no planning, where to go,
rather empty fuel tank,
do not turn around with reserve fuel on, and starting dawn, instead travel on,
get “lost” in the neighbor country,
voila, and then only add one simple thing: Don’t cross bridges, which are not ones….
The result:

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For hasty ones, skip to the end, after the dive, the GoPro cheased to record

Surprisingly, the Exc did start flawlessly after the half dive. Maybe thanks to my heroic jump into the water to put it upright again. But, my curses could certainly be heart in far away Brno 😉
We managed to get home, finally. The gas tank solely dry innwards, me wet outside completely, and the smell, arghh :-/.

A long hot bath did set the things back to normal….

Border ride



Nice cup, btw.

I didn’t feel to good,

my throat wasn’t so good either,

in plain: I had a heavy cold.



Thats why I decided for a slow, but lovely round along the near border lineIMG_20160213_125538146, IMG_20160213_125554910

Old trails, different landscapes, enough high spirits for me, to recover,

IMG_20160213_125815526_HDR IMG_20160213_125426436_HDR

as I did, the day after   😉

As Bonus,

I found a new experience to collect, next time…  🙂


Enduro fog round

2015-12-18_12-11-28_442Despite the ugly weather, we started for a short Enduro round.

As we got into the swamp last time, we decided to went along the field tracks.



There was not much to see, even worst, nothing to orientate, so we went just a little bit over the border to visit Czechoslovakia , opss…..  😉

The big advantage though, nobody could see us, only the engine noise could be heard…


2015-12-19 17_37_17-GPS Track Editor
Due to the bad view distance and the worse ground resistance our max. speed, of up to 110 km/h, was some kind of a hazardous game, but, we managed to come home safely.






Afterwards a full cleaning was very essential 🙂

As new

After a few weeks, with interuptions, my EXC got new plastics and stickers, as well as new tires and tubes, and a new drive set.IMG_20151114_162713032

Additional I enhanced it with a new front beam and a led rear light.

Spectacular view in the night and on day!  🙂


As I did a mass change on tires I also constructed some sort of a helper:


The second bike, the former SX 125 from Junior is now for SALE:

Motorrad Parade

As there was some time:

IMG_20151116_Bike Parade slall our bikes groupped together, except one:

Husky FE 350As it happens its at the inspection at the moment, but will join us again soon  😉

Back to construction


beautiful weather, sun is shinning, warm temperature, what more could one desire?

So, back to our beloved  Enduro training spot. Bagger

First surprise: The caterpilar was there:

Luckily, a small ramp, or such ;-),   still existed, so we tried our luck and it worked!

Moving on, we spotted a male deer in the bushes:Deer which got away unharmed.

tireI did check my tyre presure when we left home. But very fast I felt, that my rear tyre hadn’t any grip.

So I checked the tyre and:

Running flat 🙁

Can be compensated by speed  😉 , therefore pressing on, but:

My muffler didn’t sustain the next slide, so it decided to leave our company, naturally resulting in a terrible noise.

I had to mount the part losseley to my bike and start to travel back home.

We never met any strollers on the way home in the past, but todays count:  8-10  🙁

Auspuff Reparatur
Fixed the muffler at home temporarely with  clamping band and

removed the dirt from the area around the exhaust:Auspuffdreck

Naturally I patched the tire too, but It would have been more fun, without.

At least, I used the opportunity to change tire direction too, so:

Small win!

Frühlings Erneuerung

Thanks to winter trainings, a lot of parts need maintainace replacement, as well as necessary repairs.vlcsnap-2015-03-22-20h34m51s273

As I damaged my rear fender last week,

this should be fixed too  😉



So, a nice sum of parts accumulated, all to be replaced within the next week, to keep it running.  🙂

Springtime refresh

Wheelies, somewhat better


i did more training, result: Wheelies are now much better, but still a lot to improve  😉

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Then, I started again my hill climb at the death hill Continue reading

Erzberg 2014

it was cold, it was wet, it was fun!!

I did manage with each prolog run, to have one major mistake which really did cost a lot of time. But still, i managed to keep position 17th in both runs of the ladies cup among 30 starters there.
It certainly wasn’t enough to get into hare scramble, not even close  😉 but that was never the target.
So, I survived Erzberg!!

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