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The  IFRD, the international female riding day, is a yearly reoccuring event on the first saturday of may.

This year, it was the 10th anniversary of this event, and, naturally, I did participate too  🙂

IMG_0165I met with Su at 9 in the morning, and we started our Versys W4-Trip   (W4 stands for Weinviertel – wine quarter;  the NO-Part of Lower Austria, where wine is produced).IMG_0171







We started with the lower parts, also called Marchfeld, and proceeded northward, along the Slovakian border, then further on along the Czech border,

At Hohenau an der March, at the first roundabout, it then happened. A small oil spot and my back wheel decided to slide away. After a 180° turn we were briefly sliding over the concrete tarmac

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Only my pride was really hurt, thank god, nothing else was really damaged. So we went on after a short break,

Valticewhere we did cross the border to DCIM100GOPROG0050366.Valtice  ->


and from there on to Lednice, our target for todays ride.





Lednice castle and the surounding park are an real beauty

It was really hard to find a place to park the bikes, as it seems whole Lednice is a no drive, no parking zone  😉 But we did find a gap, large enough for the bikes.

We then did a short foot walk around the castle, as there were still a few km to go.

MikulovWe then headed on to Mikoluv  close to the Autrian border.

It does have a beautiful city centre, beeing renovated now for decades it looks like a beauty.

But, we traveled on



IMG_0166And crossed the border  back to Austria on a short dirt road passage back to W4 where we very soon found a most beautiful scenery beneath a linden tree.

Its a hill full of vine cellars, surounded by vine yards,  called Galgenberg (Mountain of the gallow  😉  )

But we travelled on, no vine drinking with driving a bike.  😉


We now drove back south, through the hilly countryside and yellow rapeseed field



Until we did met the Danube again.

We crossed there the IMG_0177Danube river by ferry     

IMG_0174A whole ferry for two Versys alone.





After the crossing we did went on along the northern  Wienerwald where we were stopped by a young Biker, who did had a bike accident due to ballast on the street.  IMG_0180Fortunately he wasn’t hurt, but in light shock.

We gave him some water and helped him to  recover his bike out of the ditch.

IMG_0178But it was heavily damaged, the rim broken, the brake fluid reservoir gone,

the fairing broken, etc…

We did organise a towing firm and brought him to the next inn, so he could wait there for them to arrive.


W4tel TourOnly a few kilometres after, back in Vienna,  we finished our IFRD Tour after 11 hours on the way.

It was a pleasant trip, in nice company, perfect weather nothing more to wish for. 🙂

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