encounter in the reed

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This saturday was a really fine day!
We experienced really beutiful summer day, warm and sunny, all people we met happy and smiling
Therfore we went to Lobau to hike a smal  tour…
If I had known how long we finally where walking, I would have skipped my morning run  😛

Panozzalackeon our walk through the area we did find really nice places, and the best: Without all the mosquitos, which are there later in the year    🙂

2014-03-22_LB 3

Aside the vast reech areas and small ponds ther e are open ground, meadows and areas of dense natural wood too. at the moment you will expereience there one smell (simmilar to garlic) Bärlauch or wild garlic, or wood garlic encording to translator…
In between sometimes men…. 😉

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