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Training the other way, but still slanted

It’s not always, that I run, fight or drive to increase my stamina.
No, regular guests of my blog already know, that I like to hike the montains too.

Thats why we used the longer weekend to cross some 2000m peaks over sea level. At this time of the year ingeneral impossible, but as the weather was really fine, and snow wasn’t to much, so we managed to hike bigger tours there:

IMG_20151208_114627832_HDR Naturaly on higher ground, there was some snow, but it could be handeled without snow shoes easily. IMG_20151205_110112380

So we crossed the treelines and went even higher up.



IMG_20151208_110344049But, it was possible to go beneath water too ­čśë





in summary, enough sport, enough fine food, what more could you ask for? ┬á ­čÖé

Blessing from above

From Oct. 1th to 8th I was hicking on the camino franca in Spain.

It was a spiritual and wonderful experience i wouldn’t have liked to miss.

Santiago And, who knows? Maybe It’s now with a little help from … .;-)

camino selloSome proof needed? ->

Styria, Upper Austria, Bavaria and Salzburg

Once again perfect bike weather

Runde 3
Thats why we travel east first to styria, then noth to Upper Austria into Salzkammergut.


On mystic mountain passes westward to Bavaria, Obersalzberg, to enjoy the great panorama view up there


Finishing down south again to Radstadt. only 10 minutes rain passing the mountains, but already dry clothes entering Radstadt again.

Rundreise 1. Tag

Trotz der angeschlagenen Versys, geht es heute bei wunderbarem Wetter zur ersten Runde.

Mit dabei: Martin, 750er und W_DS
6000 H├ÂhenmeterpngIn Summe legen wir ca. 6000 H├Âhenmeter auf dieser Runde zur├╝ck .

Wundersch├Ânes Wetter begleitet uns auf der gesamten Strecke:2014-05-24_07-40-29_294

The big melting

The sun is shining the whole day, more or less, the whole week through, thats really nice!
The snow, i suppose, isn’t as happy about this.
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The snow, gone?

in only 20 Km distance, on the other side of the Alps, there is really heavy snowfall since a few days, but here? Continue reading

High above


you can find some scurill things….

Otherwise: Very nice sorrounding, condition top! ­čśë


In vacation


ich bin ab sofort – f├╝r eine Woche – auf Urlaub:


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