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For the Ride

Despite the fact, that winter has still not shown his might, e.g. I traveled to our family christmas celebration by bike! :-0

And the EXC is always around the corner ready to take me on the offroad┬á ­čśë┬á I slowly┬á show first withdrawal symptoms.┬á ­čÖü


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Austria, or what?

First thought

Wow, thats to much, poor Sertao:small 2014-08-05_18-15-20_14





Closer look shows a big surprise:!!: small 2014-08-05_18-15-00_881 If you take a closer look, you will not only find the switches, but the lights instead, all around the bike

small 2014-08-05_18-15-09_101small 2014-08-05_18-16-33_585


at the beginning it was very troublesome to get through to the registration sheet.
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hurray, Jubilee and Tralala…

Unbelievable, simple unbelievable …., this small part did the trick…..Z├╝ndspule

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Nothing to cross for

Da habe ich vor, mich zu perfektionieren. Beide verladenAlso Junior und Maschinen eingepackt und dann das: 2 Stunden Stau auf der Tangente in sengender Hitze. Continue reading

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