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New tires, new bad luck

I had to wait for almost 3 weeks (in words: three), until the front fender and with it the tires were exchanged on my Versys. On Tuesday, right in time before the Wima round table, I was able to receive my Versys again .

  • And here was the first nasty surprise: The tires were the wrong type!
    Or, in other words: the tires might have been my possible choice weeks ago, but in the meantime, I decided to go with the Pirelli Angel GT and I told so to the workshop.
    Hmmm, what to do? ┬áBut, the Faux Pas isn’t so painful with a smart price reduction. ­čśë
    Not, that the pilot road tires are of poor quality,they are quite the opposite – I know from my own experience -, but a training at the race circuit will be a little difficult, though.
    As it seems, I will have to look for a rather cold and wet day there ­čśë
  • When discussing this, I realized that the metal valves are not mounted, but the standard rubber valves. ->
    Thus meaning, that my idea of ÔÇőÔÇőinstalling the pressure and temperature sensors for the tires, which have been lying around for a year at home, is again postponed. ┬áMerde ­čÖü

Now, to tear everything  down again, and completely re-assemble the tyres would be madness.
So, with the promise to do the next tire change in goodwill, ┬áI leave the workshop to drive in the Marchfeld – as good as possible there ­čśë – to get rid of the lubrication layer .
Gloriously feeling again, vibrating over the roads. ­čÖé
The evening at Wima was in a wonderful mood, the main theme were our new members and the planned tour on May 6th with the scope of the IFRD,
and also the return home, after the meeting, was wonderful.

But, the next morning, the next nasty surprise:

  • My Versys is laying on the side?!?!!
    Unfortunately it is unclear whether a passing bus took the front wheel, or whether other influences were to blame, it is down on the tarmac. ­čÖü

In general not a big drama, protectors are installed in all neuralgic places, but after the errection the inspection shows, that the drop was not without consequences:

Why the footrests have not given way┬áis a riddle to me, but the break is respectable, I could not have done better ­čśë
Of course I looked in the instant where to get a spare part in a reasonable time. But the minimum delivery time is: 4-5 days!
*** I want to cry, Saturday is the tour and today it’s Wednesday !! ***
The rear wheel brake does not matter to me, but without a footrest a day tour? It does not work!
Drill some holes, and screw it together, somehow? ┬áI still have to try ……….

To be continued …

Reifen Check

IMG_20160417_135600774_HDRFor some time, I do have the feeling, my front tire isn’t round anymore, you know the feeling right?
So I did a check, and surprise, it seems its life span is over.

Strange, its only on the side flanks, the straight running surface is still in a very good condition, and the outmost flanks too. ..

As it seems, I do drive a lot of curves, but not with to much angle … -> thats something that must change┬á ­čÖé




IMG_20160416_142048682Despite this finding, its at least dry, a short trip to the first hills around Vienna.

Really, I really tried

to be optimistic, really.. but the curse, it seems, it is still there…

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Gift horse

Heute Baustelle in Wien ausgeladen, damit ich bei der Hitze wenigstens etwas f├╝r meine MX machen kann┬á ­čśë

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