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Austria, or what?

First thought

Wow, thats to much, poor Sertao:small 2014-08-05_18-15-20_14





Closer look shows a big surprise:!!: small 2014-08-05_18-15-00_881 If you take a closer look, you will not only find the switches, but the lights instead, all around the bike

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From east to west

fantastic weather. Thats why I have chosen to travel to Tyrol per motorbike.

The routeroute
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Up and down

geht es in Nursch immer.
Das Wetter war fein – ca. 20°, Wolken, kein Wind und wenig Sonne, einfach perfekt! Continue reading


Jaaaaaaa!  Endlich, sehr heiß, sehr staubig, aber jaaaa!

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