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hard to soft

junior owns his new SMC 690 since October. And despite the fact, that the Husaberg Fe350 did a wonderful job in this role before, its now time to rebuild the enduro it once was.

this weekend we took the opportunity to rebuild the enduro and strip all the road gear within 4 hours. Now it looks bright and shiny , but only one week from now, the looks will be quite different.
Mud battle commencing! ­čśë


To go into the wild isn’t very encouraging at this time of the year, though better than on road, as getting warm isn’t the problen.
And, having a companion with you isn’t such a bad idea.┬á Junior can now join in,┬á Mission accomplished!

Well, we will see!

Sunny sunday Flip

It is hot, veery hot!

Clear thinking people would choose to go swimming, or settle near an ice-cream parlour.

Clear thinking people? OK, this excludes me, obviously. What did we do? Naturally an enduro training in the wild! FabPlayer_[20160829-223646-291]

And what happens, if the brain gets boiled beneath the helmet, you can watch here -> FabPlayer_[20160829-223714-141]




Thanks to our camel-backs it was nearly bearable, but the whole protector equip, despite very necessary in such situations was still to hot. ….,

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Ah, did I mention my fall into the dog roses? ……. ooops, I hadn’t the intention to mention that, sorry!! please forget, that I have said such …. ­čśë

Sunday Training

As on every sunday, we did our training rounds with our enduros.

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And, as always, not without a small accident ­čśë

But it was a really promising day, just did my first real wheelies, managed to keep all slopes tackled, and found new challenges on our training ground (an old clay pit, already bewildered)

PS: As it isn’t translated in the video, it was a stuffed muffler, from the first crash

Up and down, there and back

Today, it was a beutiful, sunny day.

Perfekt conditions for an enduro tour, but unfortunately my schedules for today told me otherwise.

Novy Prerov smallSo, at least, I managed to ride my bike for a few hours along the czech border and




Gorilla Tripodtry some positions with my gorilla camera tripod

Enduro Action small






Equiped with two cameras, I tried a new approach from a different angle:

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A little bit risky to have the cameras right there in the field, but luckily no other bikers, peasants there┬á ­čśë
Wonderful weather, hopefully there are more to such days to come.


Enduro fog round

2015-12-18_12-11-28_442Despite the ugly weather, we started for a short Enduro round.

As we got into the swamp last time, we decided to went along the field tracks.



There was not much to see, even worst, nothing to orientate, so we went just a little bit over the border to visit Czechoslovakia , opss…..┬á ­čśë

The big advantage though, nobody could see us, only the engine noise could be heard…


2015-12-19 17_37_17-GPS Track Editor
Due to the bad view distance and the worse ground resistance our max. speed, of up to 110 km/h, was some kind of a hazardous game, but, we managed to come home safely.






Afterwards a full cleaning was very essential ­čÖé

TerraX Enduro Training Pachfurth

Hi, it took me a long time to do this video, but finally:

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