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Seasonstart with Junior

Totally unplaned, first Season opening with Junior and his Duke 390.
We startet with 14┬░ temperature and finished our tour approx 4 hours later at approx. 7 brrr centigrates .
And, big achievement, he now does have 1000km on his speedo.

on our way, I had my first police stop with the motorbike!!! :-/ , totally wrong.., had nothing done

Our revenge: ­čÖé

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At least some real fun … ­čśë

Motorrad Parade

As there was some time:

IMG_20151116_Bike Parade slall our bikes groupped together, except one:

Husky FE 350As it happens its at the inspection at the moment, but will join us again soon┬á ­čśë

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